Friday, April 17, 2009

Cathouse Update - Goodbyes

VB hasn't done an update on the cat situation here at the house for quite some time. She had planned on doing one last fall, but never got around to it. And, as time goes on, we have new arrivals, and more departures in the community. Currently at least four females have had kittens, all of which are still less than a month old. We won't be seeing them around for awhile, and in a couple of cases, possibly never. Two females bring the kittens to our house when they're old enough, the others either desert them, or hide them away, eventually leaving them to fend for themselves.

We had quite a few new visitors once the garbage bin, at the corner was removed too. That seemed to be a great meeting place for all the neighborhood felines. But, there must have been complaints about it. So now, we are relegated to garbage on the street corners, literally strewn about, and garbage scattered here and there. Some residents, pile anything they want up in front of their villas, thinking they have some sort of special immunity. Not so nice, especially when VB looks out her apartment window, and sees a huge pile of trash in front of a villa with a brand spanking new private swimming pool, and resurfaced garden. If you can afford all that, then you can either pick that shit up yourself, or pay someone to do it for you!

Then we have our losses. Unfortunately, we've lost some cats this past year. VB will profile a few families, so some of the losses will come later. For now, a few cats you've seen before.

(Below): This cute female has not been seen since VB's return in mid-January. She was a garbage bin girl, who ended up eating with us and her friends, last summer / early fall. We used to refer to her as "Dirty Nose," even after we discovered it was not dirt.

(Below): We named him "Eddie Munster". He's the son of "Mean Mama" and was born last spring. He was around for several months, before VB's fall trip, late October. He has not been here since her return in mid-January.

(Below): The cat with the black nose is a female. She hasn't been seen for about three weeks now. She just disappeared. She was tight with the "Blue and Green Eyed Cat", and all the other gold and white cats.(More on her later.)

(Below): "Jacques", our next door neighbor. He was a pet, who was allowed outside. He visited regularly when we grilled out. We would often see him sitting next to his boab. VB once thought he was a female. When VB returned from her summer trip to the States in late September, the boab, who speaks little English indicated that Jacques had come home, the boab put his hands palms together and leaned head over, then spread his arms out slowly like a wave, and said, "halas."

(Below): "The Golden Boy". He's the first cat VB ever fed. She gave him her left over dog food, after Doggie #2 passed away. He was just a kitten, but unfortunately, his secret hiding and eating place didn't last long. Still, it took five months before he moved on. Again, he disappeared when VB was back in the States. VB does have (semi) reliable people feeding the cats for her, but they are semi, and that's it. If you want something done right, do it yourself. That's a bit impossible when your thousands of miles away. He left December 2007, and VB thought he was dead. Last October VB spotted a cat, hiding behind the garbage across the street, watching her as she came and went. A day or so later he waited, and when VB spotted him again, she stopped in the walkway, and he approached. He sat up straight right in front of VB, as though he remembered her. She compared this new photo with old ones for markings. Apparently he was still alive, and had just decided to move on. Here he is, as of last October. He hasn't been seen since.

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