Monday, September 22, 2008

Cathouse Update 2 - The Bad News

After posting the Good News Update, VB thought, "shit, what if The Bad Ass Cat never shows up again?!" Well, he did today. Sometimes VB gets him and his brother mixed up, unless she gets a good look at their faces. The Bad Ass Cat has zits on his chin, and usually looks like he's recently been in a brawl, which he dd when he showed up this afternoon (although not as bad as the previous post).

The other problem we have lately is Ramadan. VB noticed plates of food thrown all over the place, which is probably attracting some of VB's regular customers. This may not be Mokkatam, but it sure is starting to smell like it, especially when you walk down the street!

Our wonderful substitute caretaker said we do have one cat that's probably passed away. You might remember the story about catching The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac. Well, White Cat below, just happened to be here, and was trapped as well. He was neutered and returned the very same afternoon, walking like a drunk, stumbling around. Problem is, we noticed this little stumble didn't go away, and wondered if he had been permanently injured by the cat trapper. He was caught in a net, and not treated so kindly. He stayed on, and was the most pleasant, easy going cat we've had stay with us. He never started fights, was loving to several other cats familiar to him, and just seemed like a truly mellow guy.

According to our substitute, she found bloody diarrhea on the porch. He was sluggish, could barely walk, drank loads of water, and refused to eat. About three days later, he disappeared, and has not been seen since. This was several weeks ago. Now, we possibly have the same problem with one of his close female friends pictured below; One who could be the mother of the three kittens from yesterday's post.

(Below): White Cat looking fairly healthy.

(Below): White Cat as a kitten. Photo taken approximately May 2007.

(Below two photos): April 2008, near the garbage bin. VB actually thought he was "an old lady," when she saw him.

(Below): One of his girlfriends, taken April 2008, near the garbage bins.

(Below): Another friend of his, lying with him on the porch.

(Below): Also at the garbage bin, April 2008, another girlfriend.

(Below): Girlfriend just above, in the garden, this past week.

(Below): White Cat with his main squeeze (she's pictured above at the bins) a month or so before VB left.

(Below): One of his last photos, June-July 2008.

R.I.P. White Cat.

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