Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cathouse Update - New Kitty On The Block

Just yesterday a new kitten showed up in VB's backyard. We knew his/her mom was nursing, and had him/her sometime in April. So let's welcome this little kitty, and see how he/she gets along. Does she/he look familiar? (Sorry for all the she/hes and him/hers, but VB has no idea of whether this is a boy or a girl.)
More photos of some of the newer cats we've seen at the house since VB's return in late January.
(As usual, click on the photos for enlargements.)
(Below): New Kitty

(Below): Mom and kitten in the yard.

(Below): "Little Boy"
New kitten's half brother. He's been here since last September, when he was just a tiny little thing too.

(Below): "Fuzzy Wuzzy"
Little Boy showed up one day with this young man trailing behind. He looked so much like Little Boy we called him Fuzzy Wuzzy. They bumped noses, and sometimes slept together. Shortly after several fights (not necessarily with him) on the front porch, and the "Blue Eyed Sex Maniac", this cute cat disappeared. Late January, Little Boy's sister jumped off the grill, where they slept together ever since abandoned by Mom, she drank some water, left, and never came back. VB noticed a small amount of bloody discharge, and The Boss Man had said, "she didn't look good." She disappeared the night of VB's arrival back from a three month stay in the States. So this is Little Boy's second loss in three months.

(Below): This young girl showed up suddenly, and started sleeping in the yard, until Lotus (the pup) scared the daylights out of her. She comes from somewhere across the street. She's very hesitant, sits on the wall, and waits until the porch clears out before coming to eat.

The young girl (above) resembles the cat below. Female, and from the house next door. A succession of people have cared for her. One family had her de-clawed, and would allow her in the house, on and off. According to the gardener, there's no way she's the mother of the young girl. She visits regularly, and had been here almost everyday (sometimes sleeping on the porch or air conditioner), while construction was going on at the villa next door. She rubs up against VB's legs, and lets VB pet her. She's one of the bigger cats, and she's sweet. In the photo below, she had just been awakened by a group of males chasing a female in season.

(Below): "Johnny Come Lately"
He used to be The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac's favorite target. On a daily basis, Blue Eyes would corner him, howling like crazy. Johnny would try to get away, or VB would go out with her walking stick, and bang it on the ground. Blue Eyes didn't like the walking stick, and would usually skedaddle. Johnny got his name by showing up, when a female was in season, and just missing all the action, always one step behind. He doesn't seem to be a trouble maker, so far.

(Below): "Bad Ass Cat's Bro"
Looks like The Bad Ass Cat, but isn't. Possibly a brother? Vicious looking, but hasn't started any trouble yet either.

(Below): A garbage bin cat, who has been visiting for a week or so. Photo below was taken at the garbage bin. VB thought this might be The Golden Boy, who disappeared last December, but no (it's a she).
Friendly with the Blue and Green Eyed Cat (and girlfriend, last photo below), these garbage bin cats seem to be a very cohesive, and affectionate group.

(Below): Dirty Nose
Another new cat. Female and looks like she's nursing. VB calls her Dirty Nose, although we're not sure that's actually dirt. Not the same cat as the one above, but they do look alike.

(Below): The Blue and Green Eyed Cat, and his female friend, who looks like she's nursing. (We saw them in last week's post, where he got neutered.) We have about five females that appear to be nursing, and so will probably have more kittens showing up as time goes by. VB doesn't have photos of the other moms, since some of them are pretty skittish.


  1. Love your cat stories. Some of them have lovely markings. I really like the shy girl who will only go onto the porch once eveyone has left.

  2. Oh, the poor declawed cat. Why would anyone declaw a cat and the leave her on the streets of Cairo? That said, she looks well fed.

  3. elle: Thanks. Shy girl's a real cutie, affectionate with some of the cats that hang in her area, and seems to be just a sweet cat.

    auhgal: Well, the declawed cat had not been around for a week & the gardener told me (when I asked) that she was back IN the villa. I'm not sure what's going on over there, but at least she knows she can hop over to our house when she needs to. She is very sweet too.

  4. Oh my gosh.
    All are adorable but, Fuuzzy Wuzzy and Johnny come lately are by far beautiful.
    OOOh I feel all fuzzy wuzzy all over.

  5. kaya: Hahaha - I would like to take some home with me, back to the States, where we have plenty of field mice to catch. I personally have taken a liking to The Green and Blue Eyed Cat and his friends. They are so loving, which makes them so different from all the other ferals who visit. Fuzzy Wuzzy has disappeared, but he was a sweet boy, and Johnny Come Lately is almost too clean - leading me to believe he is possibly a part time house cat, who likes to roam.