Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend News Roundup

"No news is good news." What can Vagabondblogger say beyond that?

Below photos of three generations of cats who have visited my porch in Cairo, Egypt. Sorry for the blurry photos.

Grandma (Pregnant again) ---------------------------------Momma (Pregnant again)

Male kitten

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. It's like watching Jerry Springer roll out on your front porch.

  2. You know I feel sorry for them and I've called rescue centers for help trapping them so they can be neutered, but nothing. I'm not positive that's grandma. For all I know it could be geat grandma! They're all spittin images of each other though!

    But yeah, just like a Springer episode. You know he's from Cincinnati, yeah? He was the mayor, until he went to Kentucky, and wrote a check to a hooker. Everyone's got their foibles. I like him, and am glad to see him on top of things, although I am not a fan of his show, personally.

  3. Haha...You are one of the few people who's also known about Springer's bad check to the hooker!

  4. Ahh, well, I'm originally from Cincinnati.