Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

A complimentary cat on cat action photo from the porch of Vagabondblogger. It's mating season here. What's up in your neck of the woods?

That is Johnnie Come Lately, who've we've discussed here , and here, trying to hump a new girl in the hood. He would've made it, except for the fact that Doggie didn't want "the nasty" going down, on her porch. Johnnie Come Lately had his girl, by the nape of the neck, in his clenched teeth. VB tried to get a photo, while trying to get Doggie out of the way at the same time. Doggie was pouncing at the windows and barking - something she normally doesn't do. The new girl turned, as did Johnnie, and she was able to get lose, and took off. He, of course, followed. We shall see what becomes of all this mating in a few months.


  1. Happy Valentines to you too. We witnessed 'Penguin Porno' while visitng a Penguin sanctuary in Cape Town in December. It was so funny...luckily I didn't have to explain it to little one, she just overlooked it.Feew, let off the hook about the birds and bees this time!