Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Funkengroovin - A Trip To The Vet

Did we clip another cable?!?! WTF is going on with the Internet here in Cairo? There's a joke about someone walking so slow they could be moving backwards. That's what working with the Internet here in Cairo is like today. As a result, the NEWS section of this post is very short. VB doesn't know if she can put up with this any longer. Some days are truly unreal. The only consolation is: the female cats are in season; The males are all hot and bothered; VB has stopped one mating session on her porch today, while waiting for photos to load, in addition to watching all the skulking and evading taking place. More on the cat situation later.

We've had to make several trips to the vet recently, since Doggie came down with an eye problem a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, it's something of an allergic reaction. VB can understand that quite well, since she automatically starts a sneezing fit, once the airplane has entered Egyptian airspace. VB has tried to explain to The Boss Man, that she is allergic to Egypt, but he's not buying it.

There are numerous vets around Maadi, and Maadi Gedida as the population has a high number of expats. When we lived in Abu Dhabi, our Emirati neighbor across the street would regularly set out food for the stray cats. Most people there, including the expats from South Asia, were afraid of dogs. The vets were usually expats, as well. Even though the Egyptian government has been criticized, as being inhumane in it's treatment of strays, most people VB has met (including locals) are extremely tolerant of both cats and dogs. As a result, vets abound, and they are all Egyptian. VB won't even go into the Baku, Azerbaijan situation, as it was dismal.

There's nothing great about the photos. Just the fact that you can find so many VWs on a short drive here still amazes VB.

(Below): Silver Bug parked.

(Below): VB found it! The amazing Creamsicle colored Bus she saw once before. Now that she knows where it's parked, she may attempt a walk to get some nicer pics, in the future. The driver was not interested in letting VB take photos, but if he's not around....

(Below): Red Bug.

(Below): Close up as we zoom by it.

(Below): Blue Bug. Some people just don't know how to park!

(Below): Yellow Bug, coming VB's way. One of VB's favorite streets near her house. It's full of trees that drape the road.

(Below): Just a photo of an incredibly dirty car.

Of Maxwell, Uma and Omar the Car
"Like television spy Maxwell Smart, Joann Cohen drives a Karmann Ghia. Unlike him, she drives with care."

"IT’S not often that a conversation about the 1960s television spy-spoof sitcom “Get Smart,” starring Don Adams, segues effortlessly into “Kill Bill 2,” the second part of director Quentin Tarantino’s two-volume saga about a female assassin’s vendetta against her former boss. But if the topic happens to be the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, the transition isn’t such a stretch."

Seeds That Grew Into Porsche Legacy
"Sports-car enthusiasts have put the company on a pedestal almost since it sold its first production car 60 years ago."

Who Let the Dogs out??- Baha men Original version

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  1. Hi VB, hope doggy get's over the eye infection soon. I think I'm allergic to Abu Dhabi. What's it with the Egyptians and camera''s not like you're asking to photograph their children. I have often been asked here in the UAE to let my little one's photo be taken, I always so no! Elle, sorry ca't figure out the Comment As thingy....