Sunday, June 1, 2008

Me Cat Manor

Or No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
(as Awesome Daughter said after hearing the following story.)

VB has been in a funk lately. Last year she tried to get help catching a few of the feral cats eating on her porch. She was basically told to go bugger off. Well, anyone who's read VB's past posts will remember The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac. He showed up late last summer, and was still here when VB returned in late January after a three month absence.

(Below): (Center) The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac, lounging under the Palm Tree, with (L) Fuzzy Wuzzy and (R) Little Boy. This is one day of peacefulness around the yard.

As time went on, old Blue Eyes became somewhat of a menace. He was even meaner than The Bad Ass Cat. He sprayed on the food, and right into the water bowl. He fought with practically every other cat that came to feed, injuring some. He started sleeping on the grill, and terrified the younger cats, like Little Boy, who would shudder when Blue Eyes approached the porch.

The porch scene itself was getting out of hand. On a daily basis we could hear The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac howl at other cats, then screeching, then another attack. It certainly made great entertainment for Lotus, the pup, as she would scramble to go watch the fight through the dining room windows.

The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac and The Bad Ass Cat, plus a few others are all gold and white. It seemed as if VB's all night diner was turning into a gangland territorial spat, between the gold / white cats, and the non-gold / white cats, like these. Food was pulled inside after hours for a more peaceful sleep - nothing like being woken up at 3:00 AM by caterwauling cats. Little Boy's mama, who had just given birth to a new litter a couple of weeks earlier, was seen flying across the porch as The Blue Eyed Maniac pounced on her. She limped around for about a week. He had gone after the cat from next door, which someone had de-clawed, and could obviously not protect herself. He would chase cats out of the yard, into, and across the street, through mud, and traffic if he was pissed off enough. And he usually was.

Someone familiar with the local rescue community suggested VB call a certain shelter, who had transport services and "cat catchers". They said, if we had Blue Eyes neutered he'd have a much better temperament.

(Below): The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac's favorite target, Johnny Come Lately.

So, last week the "cat catcher" showed up twice. It would've only taken one visit had he shown up almost on time. Two hours late, is a bit too late, especially with these regimented felines. On the other hand, with the maid's help, VB could at least communicate with him, as he spoke no English. The "cat catcher" said they had a place to take cats like him, where they fought to the death. VB told him and the vet, she just wanted him neutered, returned, and then we would see if that works.

Well, The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac was trapped with in a cage (Below) - much like those no kill rat traps they sell here.

Then the cat catcher, feeling kind of full of himself, decides to trap the Blue and Green Eyed Cat. VB said she was sure this was a female, since the cat was extremely docile, and loving to other cats who came onto the porch. This was a new cat, who had only been around the porch for about a week or so. This cat even got along with The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac. The "cat catcher" said he was definitely a male. Hmm? How did VB get that wrong? As if it hasn't happened before!

(Below): The Blue and Green Eyed Cat caught in a net.

(Below): The Blue and Green Eyed Cat around the block sometime in March of this year. VB thought he was dead when she first saw him. He was apparently eating from the garbage bin, but looked emaciated. He also looked like one very old cat.

(Below): The Blue and Green Eyed Cat as a kitten. This photo was taken last July. VB searched through photos, knowing she had one of him previously, thinking he was the mom with a kitten. Instead he was actually the kitten. This would make him a little over a year old now.

Later that evening as VB was making dinner, the vet called to say the "cat catcher" would be dropping off the Blue and Green Eyed Cat, but not The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac. They were just operated on a few hours earlier, and VB thought they'd at least be kept overnight. Not so.

The vet explained that he had no room for them, they were too active, and that neutering the Blue Eyed Sex Maniac did nothing to his temperament. He told VB that he would drop him off somewhere else in Maadi, where he would not bother us anymore. For several days, VB was pretty upset. Did they drop him off in a deserted area of Maadi, that's still pretty much desert? Or did the vet allow the "cat catcher" to take The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac off to a back alley cat fighting ring? Both ideas seemed pretty dreadful to VB.

Question: Does VB have the word "chump" written on her forhead? Well, the good doctor did ask if we had any more cats we'd like to have "catched." Just asking.

It's been almost a week now and it's awfully quiet. It seems that peace has settled in for awhile. VB's sure one of the other males will try to take The Blue Eyed Sex Maniac's place, but who will it be? Who will reign as the cat king of Me Cat Manor? It had been peaceful once before, but that came to a screeching halt, and it probably will again.

As for the Blue and Green Eyed Cat, he seems to be recuperating. VB's concerned about his safety, but he seemed to be an awfully agreeable cat, considering some of the characters we get here at the feeding post. Another new cat, seen below, is a very good friend of his. When she arrives (she just had kittens, so VB's sure it's a she) he jumps off the chair, they bump heads, do a dance, wrap their tales around each other, rub up against each other, and then eat together out of the same bowl.

It's nice to know Blue and Green Eyed cat has such a wonderful friend. Sometimes good things can happen.


  1. Peace in the neighbour hood! When we stayed in Al Ain there was a big black cat who used to bully my Siamese. She eventually stopped leaving the yard in fear of him. I tried to get Feline Friends in to help capture and 'fix' him, but they didn't seem to interested. Anyway we're in a flat now and she's as happy as can be. Lies in the sun all day

  2. elle: I think peace in my neighborhood is a fleeting thing. We've had a few old visitors that have come back, who think they're the cocks of the walk. On the other hand, we have a bunch of laid back cats who are just looking to get by, day by day. So far, so good. Glad to hear your kitty is happy.