Monday, September 22, 2008

Cathouse Update 1 - The Good News

VB left for the States seven weeks ago. Since then we've had a few developments around the yard here, in Cairo. VB starts with the good news first. She's still waiting for a few of the cats to show up again, though. When we leave, we do have someone very reliable who puts the food and water out for the cats.

(Below): Just before VB left for the US seven weeks ago, The Bad Ass Cat showed up. He'd obviously been in a fight, and VB was a bit worried that his wounds could get infected.

(Below): VB wasn't the only one shocked at the way The Bad Ass Cat looked. He has not been seen by VB as of her return.

(Below): The Bad Ass Cat's brother. (?- We think.) He's always around too,and here he is swooning over the catnip on the steps, the smell of a female in season, or both. He is still around.

(Below): Three new kittens, we believe all siblings, showed up. Their mom brought them down, as she had started feeding here regularly. She followed the White Cat (Update 2) down, when he started eating here. They all hung around the dumpster up the street. That dumpster was hauled away due to complaints. As the Doorman said, "this is not Mokkatam!" Here's the golden kitten.

(Below): Grey sibling.

(Below): All three on the grill, sleeping (until VB woke them up.)

(Below): This young male, Son of Scaredy Cat, started showing up just before VB left. He was always reluctant to enter the porch, but seems to be a bit less afraid these days, often sleeping in the yard, as well.

(Below): This kitten was quite small when VB left. His mom has been eating here for about a year now, although she hides out at a neighbor's house. She had him, and became pregnant right away. It looks like she's given birth now, but it will be awhile before we see the little ones running around. This little kitten hangs out with the old gray lady who has been declawed, and another older male gray cat, and not so much with the other kittens (yet.) We've decided to name him Eddie, for Eddie Munster.

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