Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Mind Games

(Below): The view from Logan International, Lufthansa Departures area, 18 September, 2008.

(Below two photos): Silver Beetle for sale. (Maadi) Cairo, Egypt.

(Below): Black Van. (Maadi) Cairo, Egypt.

(Below): How's that new Traffic Law working for you Egypt? (People, just quit trying to drive into us!)


No news this week.

VB does not like to mix politics with Funkengroovin stuff, but she's Flipping Out, via Apple TV, but, also from what VB hears about McCain - he is actually, in reality, flipping out! We were watching Flipping Out, when Numer One Son called with the "longest Hail Mary pass in the history of football, and in the history of Hail Marys" - Barney Frank). McCain's poll numbers are down, he's the deregulation guy who has no clue (let's not go into details here), and he wants to "bomb, bomb, bomb,....bomb, bomb Iran." (This is a simplistic view of someone who should be as far away from the red button, and economic decisions as....(fill in the blank yourself.) Perhaps, he and Sarah Palin would be happier traipsing around with dinosaurs.

VB has a confession to make: Number One Son has taken three semesters off from university to work for The Man - Barack Obama. VB was not an Obama (nor Hillary) supporter originally. VB actually thought Obama would run in the primaries, and get trashed by Hillary. VB thought everyone would get trashed by Hillary! She never thought Number One Son would take three semesters off from school. It didn't help this summer, when his high school teacher, quoted Mark Twain saying, "Why let school get in the way of your education?" (Who asked you?) VB has spent much less time with her son this past year, than she would have liked (he works seven days a week, twelve - 24 hours a day) , and she will be very happy when this is over, particularly if the result is to her satisfaction, but more so because she can spend some time (perhaps not all -or any- "quality time") with her son. We are not dysfunctional, we're Greek! Quality is not an issue!

Number One Son has advanced to "Regional Organizer" and has been getting paid for some time now. He is located far, far away from VB's home on the east coast. The older union dudes who have worked with him call him "the baby." Yes, he is that young. One year of college, and he was off campaigning (not even old enough to drink)! Needless to say, we are a house of extremely liberal democrats (well, VB is actually an extreme within the extreme. No Volvos or Prius' here, but Latte drinking? Actually, VB prefers a Frappe.)

So VB has decided to do the news portion of Funkengroovin Wednesdays (until November 4th, 2008) when she pleases. Let's just say, today is not a good day. Not a good day, at all. You readers are not like McCain, who invented the Blackberry, but can't use a computer, and are quite capable of not only using a computer (that "series of tubes,") but doing a Google search (some folks call it "googling") yourselves. So, VB is suspending the spoon fed news portion of this blog, until further notice.

If you like all of this shit then you'll love... Mind Games - (John Lennon)


  1. Very amusing post VB. by the way I have seen a wonderful comedy movie that you must see called" My big fat Greek wedding" They guy in the movie kept saying " there is two kind of people, Greek and those who wished to be Greek" Greek people social and cultral habits are typical like the Egyptian. Anyway, I am like you. I was putting too much hope on Hillary. Now how I wish if it were a Presidential selection not election where I can have a third or more choices.

  2. he and she: I've seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Yes, I do believe Greeks are very much like Egyptians - lots of emotion and yelling!