Monday, February 18, 2008

The Amazing Egyptian Mousetrap!

Last week VB's house had a surprise visitor. While VB was in the bedroom she saw a mouse sitting on the floor across the room. The little rat decided to dart behind furniture, and managed to avoid capture amid the chaotic chase that followed. The Boss Man decided to go back into the TV room. The last straw came when the brazen visitor decided to run around, and in front of, the bedroom TV, while VB was trying to settle down and take her mind of the creature - by watching TV! A total VB psycho freak-out ensued! Subsequently VB, and The Boss Man, ended up sleeping in the TV room, for two nights.

In the meantime they were able to purchase Egyptian mouse traps. Now these traps are not at all like the ones we normally use in the States. The Boss Man claimed the traps were an amazing example of much soldering and craftsmanship, while VB complained that the mouse could escape. A debate ensued as VB has caught over 40 mice in her lifetime, using a variety of methods. For once, VB was pretty sure of what she was talking about, while The Boss Man scoffed.

VB can't understand why though, in Cairo, they would make humane mousetraps that let mice escape, but use poison on cats, and shoot dogs on the streets. On the other hand, she also thought these traps were more for rats. The salesmen recommend using poison - that's a gruesome and ugly death. Plus, we have a puppy and don't want her getting into it. Besides, once poisoned, the mouse will go hide somewhere to die and then stink up the whole place! VB prefers a quick and sudden solution to the problem, not available at any of the shops visited, short of whacking the damn thing with an axe! (VB couldn't even smack it with a broom.)

VB now discusses how to catch a mouse with the amazing Egyptian mousetrap. Oh, and you might be asking what happened to all those cats? They're just like the police - never around when you really need them!

The Amazing Mousetrap:

After several escapes we decided that duct tape was the solution. “All of life’s problems can be solved with two things—duct tape and WD40. If it moves and it shouldn’t, you need duct tape. And if it doesn’t move and it should, you need WD40.”—Unknown

A look inside the baited prison walls.

The bait:

Having just escaped with a few licks of peanutty goodness, he decides to make sure it's "all clear," before venturing out for more. This was right after he tripped the trap and we observed him hightailing it out of there. Everything not in aluminum wrapped and sealed airtight bags, was put into plastic bins (mice love dog treats too.)

Yesss! Go for it you little rat - go man, go!

After catching said suspect, take trap outside, and let mouse go. It might exhibit post traumatic stress syndrome at first, but will scamper off as soon as a threat (like VB's puppy) appears.

Little mouse ran off the porch and into the bushes. The cats will catch up to him eventually. The traps are set and ready for any further incursions! American mouse traps now on the "need to buy" list for the next trip back to the States.


  1. Excellent post - I think you are far more creative than me - I would have gone for the mad screaming woman with a broom technique. And doesn't he just look too cute! We have a serious dog problem developing near our house because of the abandoned mansion/palace on the corner (how do I know.. because of the barking at night) - do you think they make really large versions of that mousetrap?

    (love the photos..)

  2. I've just come across your blog. Fantastic!

    Love the mouse trap. Shame the mouse is so cute though...guess he wouldn't be if he was chasing my Skippy bait!

  3. lynda:Thanks. I have to keep it toned down after waking the whole family up 10 years ago, at 3 AM in Abu Dhabi when I spotted a roach (we call them water bugs in the States - they're HUGE!)

    As for the dogs, we have the same problem. Fortunately, so far, our puppy is not a barker. Not a good thing though if someone would try to break in. BTW, I bought a small crate to try to catch some of the feral cats, with a towel for bedding, a food thrown in each day - no luck!

    insteadi:Thanks. If the peanut butter didn't work, I thought of using super glue as bait; or a bowl of wine, hoping it might drown in the drink. But the duct tape was the answer. (Yeah, super glue - I know - not very nice.)