Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Two-tone Madness

Blog subject today: Two-toned bugs. They seem to be the new rage here, and VB keeps bumping into them, wherever she goes. Photos should be self explanatory.

Below: Maadi

Below: The Khan (Souk, Market, Bazaar)

Below: Car chase in Maadi

Below: Maadi

A Somewhat Perverse(?) Assortment of

VB says, "keep these creeps away from my baby!" ('65 VW Beetle Convertible)
VIDEO: Man Who Makes Love With Cars

Article from JAVNO:
"A man who claimed he had a sexual intercourse with over 1,000 automobiles, now defends his romantic feelings towards cars, the Telegraph reports.

Edward Smith, who lives with his current “girlfriend” – a white Volkswagen beetle he calls Vanilla – is persistent in his belief that he is not mentally sick, and he does not show any wish of changing his lifestyle."
There's more: Documentary Of The Week My Car Is My Lover Wednesday, 5, 10pm
"We also meet Jordan, a 20-year-old who lives nearly 2,000 miles away, in Missouri and also expresses his feelings through music.
Like Edward, he also caught the love bug when he fell for a classic VW Beetle."
And more: Man who's had sex with 1000 cars gives new meaning to auto-erotic, and more, The man who has sex with cars, and possibly the original article all others refer to: Man admits having sex with 1,000 cars, "My Car Is My Lover is on Five on Wednesday, May 28."

Sorry Beck's, but Saying 'Different by CHOICE!' Doesn't Make it So (Video and more information.)
"To draw attention away from its absence of a sound position in the beer market (unless "favorited beer of the band 'Black Label Society'" counts), Beck's tries wearing the message "Different by Choice."

This new spot -- produced by Anonymous for agency Lowe Worldwide & Partners -- compares the mediocre green beer to avant-garde painters, punk rockers and the VW bug, among other subversive cultural icons."

Two pals start their own ‘Meals On Wheels’
"...Jeff’s wife, Elizabeth, owned a ‘71 Volkswagen Super Beetle when they married in 1986. Jeff had told her he would restore the car. “Taking it apart is the easy part,” he says. “Getting it back to brand-new is the really long and hard and arduous part.” Over the years, there were a lot of distractions...."

"In 2004, Jeff, 53, bought a huge homemade grill — a converted 275-gallon recycled fuel oil tank — to indulge in one of his other passions: barbecuing. He was pondering how to move the grill when his eye landed on the new chassis he had bought for the Volkswagen. Once he had installed the grill in the Beetle shell, he had not only saved himself from “the humiliating defeat of junking the car I couldn’t finish,” he also had a proposal for a new business with a catchy name: Carbecue...." (More information at the link, but sadly, no photos.)

Vroom to spare
"TILTON – For hot rod and custom car enthusiasts, the sixth annual Laconia Custom Nationals, which has drawn more than 600 entries to Gunstock Ski Area in Gilford, is a chance to share their passion with like-minded people and swap shop notes on what's happening in their retro world."

"Moe Camire, 70, of Chelmsford, Mass., brought along a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle he spent hundreds of hours restoring over the past 15 years." (Photo and more info at the link.)

Volkswagen Cuts Karmann from 2010 Golf Convertible product

Plug 'er in and drive away
"FOR the sake of the environment Ric Smith is using his 20 years of mechanical experience to change his red VW into an electric car."

Volkswagen Bus; It was as loveable as it was slow and it set the tone for all the minivans that would follow
"Chrysler's minivan might have struck with more ferocity in 1984, but Volkswagen got the wheels rolling decades earlier and for different reasons." (Full article at the link.)

Business in Maidenhead, Connexions Berkshire
"Connexions Berkshire has recently taken delivery of its first branded vehicle, a mini replica of an original VW Camper. Based on the Subaru Samba, the van is branded in the Connexions colours and logo." (Photo at the link.)

Festivals and children – It doesn’t have to be torture
“Every year more and more people are taking our vans to festivals because they’re a really civilised way of coping where facilities are often pretty basic. Festival rentals have trebled since 2004 and Glastonbury weekend was fully booked six months ago, so it really has been a huge growth area for us.” (More info and a photo at the link.)

The music video is somewhat of a lucky find for VB, and coincidental at that. Last week VB, and The Boss Man, watched an excellent movie about the 1980's skinhead movement in the UK, This Is England. As VB was looking for an appropriate music video, she plugged in "two tone" for a search. She then came up with, among other things (like two-toned painted fingernails,) a music movement called 2 Tone, which became popular with UK skinheads during the 1980's.
From Wiki: "The music term 2 Tone was coined by Jerry Dammers of The Specials, who has said he came up with the idea because he liked the black-and-white check pattern on his scooter when he was a young mod.[citation needed]However, many people think the name refers to black-and-white outfits worn by rude boys and skinheads — and to unity between black people and whites."

Evolucion Reggae - 2Tone The Special & Madness

More Road Trips, Road Food, and TV coming (VB has been procrastinating.)


  1. It would seem that the VB bug love is contagious... miss 6 has developed an annoying habit..when she is zooming around cairo and sees a VW, she screams out "Oh La La a Buggy Car".... it is driving me nuts! Who knew there were so many!

  2. i did a little research after you told me about your "thing", and if you want a way to make more money using your your blog you can enter this site: link. bye.

  3. I was in love with the Bug
    and now Im in love with the Rock.
    But deep down in my heart is a place that will always be for that adorable lil car with its lime green shade and hippy signs all over.
    Time to grow some herb bro....sigh....

  4. lynda: Yes it is contagious.

    Kaya: OMG! You're not referring to what I think you're referring to - are you? Cuz, I don't even think I want to know!


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