Monday, May 12, 2008

Test Print - Bug Fest 2

Last week it was this, (BTW, one flew down VB's blouse last night) and now it's THIS! (See below.) Flying black ants, and they are ginormous! Not quite swarming, but sort of, and frightening enough to give even the most seasoned bug / mouse killer, the creeps. VB wonders if they bite. They look vicious.

All these damn bugs remind VB of The Naked Jungle, starring Charlton Heston, which she saw a long, long time ago. A good review can be found here: Heston vs. the Marabunta. And yeah, he's gonna kill those mothers with that fucking rifle! (But, no, not really; but yeah, but noo; but the NRA would probably be more than happy to help out with that endeavor.)

If going to bed, whacking flying ginormous black ants isn't enough, when VB wakes up the next morning, she finds this (below):

Yes, that's three sheets of printer paper on the floor. VB now knows that the electricity went off three times while she was sleeping. VB's printer has the habit of spitting out test prints every time it reboots (it drives puppy, Lotus, nuts.) The electricity went off four times in one day, over the weekend (that we know of.)

Now, if someone could just tell VB why the hell there's no cold water in her shower, just scalding hot, she'd be a little bit happier. With the temps running around 97-98 degrees, it would be nice to have some cold (even lukewarm) water. Or do we have to pay extra for cold water now? - Like the rising prices of everything else isn't enough!


  1. The water thing can drive me mad... we have either blasting water or a dribble in the kitchen. The on and off power, I am getting used to now.

    Not lovin' those ants... I saw the biggest wasp EVER at my front door last week and a huge scarab beetle. Being an Aussie, you would think I am used to stuff like this...but I am a big chicken.

  2. lynda:
    We've had our share of experiences with a variety of pests, and it's always icky! As for water, I actually have to avoid baths while the gardener waters the lawns, as he seems to suck up all the water pressure. But, the boab says water pressure in Maadi has been low lately, so I guess all I'm getting, at times is water from the water heater.

  3. When we had the lovely villa in Al Ain, the one thing I hated in the garden was the yellow wasps, although luckily no one ever got stung.

    BTW have you turned your water heater down/off. You then use the hot tap as cold and the cold tap as hot. Make any sense?

  4. Elle: The water pressure in Maadi was / is low at times. So we can get the hot water from our heater, but none cold, from outside. If we turn down the water heater, there'd be hardly enough hot water for a shower. It's a small heater. You certainly can't take a bath with what it puts out. (I can't wait to go back to the US, for a nice soak in the tub.)