Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Road Trips, Road Food and TV #4

Danny Boome, pictured below, might remind you of another young man who traveled around in VW Bus. In Danny By The Sea he tours his childhood area, the Norfolk coast, in search of good eats. He cooks on the beach, a bit in the van and seeks out distinctively British food. His series just ended a couple of weeks ago.

Only problem: He talks way too much when he's driving! Check it out (below). Someone should tell the boy: "Both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road!"

Message to Danny: "Chill!"

Danny might look familiar to Americans, since he has just started his new show on The Food Network, called Rescue Chef. He's the talk of the blogs, and appears to be every single (and married) woman's dream. He's the latest, hottest young single chef since Jamie. Check out his cooking skills, enthusiasm, charm, and most importantly, his VW Bus in the video below in Danny By The Sea outtakes. It's where he claims to have "cooked my first crab," But when VB first heard him, she thought he said it was where he "took my first crap." VB needs subtitles! (For all shows, even the American ones too.)

More information about Danny at Danny Boome TV.

Danny By The Sea: Danny Boome - Show Reel 2007

Unfortunately, VB couldn't find any information about Danny's Bus - nowhere!

Just A Note:
From Apple TV, one of VB's favorite shows is available for downloading: Little Britain Season 3! Go ahead, laugh your pants off! Seasons 1 and 2 are not available (yet?). BBC America is a new channel that was just added.


Here Comes the New Spindle, Same As the Old Spindle
"Hold off on the mourning, all ye Spindle fans who continue to lament the loss of their beloved public art and pigeon poop collector." (Photo at the link.)

It's hip to be square
(Photo gallery and article at the link):

The Clash London Calling Video (excellent sound quality)

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