Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Scenes From A Car Chase

Typically, VB tries to take photos of cars, and get additional information, (if the owner is around) when they're parked. Cairo parking can resemble sardines packed into a tin can, so finding a spot to stop, off the road, can sometimes be problematic. The only other way to get photos, is to chase the damn car, until VB can get a decent photo or, as in this case, it turns off onto a path where we have no desire to follow. Here's how we do it:
Once a VW has been spotted, The Boss Man tries to chase it down to get closer.

Sometimes traffic gets in the way.

(Below): See the top of the van? Just beyond the red car.

(Below): Yikes! It's getting away! Can't even hardly see it now.

(Below): Ahh, there it is. Looks like a massive traffic jam ahead.

(Below): Getting closer - traffic seems to be clogged up for some reason.

(Below): The VW Van turns off.

(Below two photos): Reason for the major traffic jam - just another broke down police car!

No news today. There is news out there, but nothing of great interest.

The Kinks - Lola

More on Road Trips, Road Food, and TV coming soon.

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