Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bug Fest!

She's dealin' with it!

A weekend preoccupation has turned into a full scale assault.

The exterminating "engineer" has visited. Room off limits for three hours, and more due to noxious fumes. Third invasion in a year. "Engineer" thinks he finally found the nest. Let's hope so!

VB doesn't even know what the hell these are, but they appear to be flying red ants.


  1. VB these are nasty red flying ants that invade places with plants , it is there season , they also invade the place when the weather is extremely hot
    They are nasty I hate them , we use the "Flet" ants spray ,it has bad smell but it kills them

  2. Well, we live on the ground floor with a yard, so that would make sense. Yeah, they are horrible. One practically flew up my nose, as I was reading your comment! I am taking notes, and will get some "Flet" for the future, because I think they have probably declared war, especially after the major spraying today!

    I hate to sound "elitist" (you know, like Obama) but I will have the maid get it for me. I have a lid on my gin and tonic, to protect the precious contents! Plus, I have not cooked anything without a lid on it either. And I go off to another room, altogether removed, to eat my food. Inshallah, this will soon be halas!

    Obviously, my brain has been altered by the combination of Baygon, professional gagging extermination vapors, and gin.

    Thanks so much for the advice. It's always good to know, you're not the only one with this problem.

  3. Oh no that doesn't look good.. hope they don't appear in my house (well there is another reason not to buy any plants for me to kill)

    Horrid little things those flying ants.. good idea to put a lid on the G&T! LOL Priorities!!!

  4. @vagabond, lol elitist like Obama, I do not like the smell of Baygon but I think it can beat these small flying beasts

  5. Lynda: Yes, priorities rule! Got to have something special after chasing down bugs for 3-4 days, especially if it's from Duty Free. Plus, I found out everyone above me (the upper 3 floors) sprayed last week. So where else would the little buggers go?

  6. zeinobia: Baygon does the job temporarily, but for what we had, we needed the special skills of the "engineer".

    And, as an "elitist" I might add, I went out for dinner tonight (had to avoid all the buggy excitement) and had a salad with arugula. Not sure you heard, but Obama made a comment about the price of arugula before the primary in Iowa. Oh my! The man actually shops for his own groceries. How elitist is that?

  7. Flet will definitely kill them...and anything else it touches. Our maid would mop w/ it at certain times of the year. *shudder*

  8. Euw! I have a puppy, so that's probably a no go for me. We had to take her out on the road after the spraying the other day (he sprayed outside all around the apartment), and kept her out of the room just about the rest of the day (from 11:00 AM on.)