Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Handle With Care

This is the dog, from my "Dog On A Car" photos. This dog owns this corner! If it's not on a car around the corner, it's sitting here, in the shade, where the official garbage sweeping ladies gather to sit and drink tea. It's actually a sweet looking (and acting) dog, but it's wild and I wouldn't want to tangle with it.  I don't have a rabies shot, and I really hadn't planned on getting one either, but the paranoids around here think: "you need a rabies vaccine! you need wash your veges in clorox!"  (I bet that makes my lettuce taste like "ass in a glass" to quote Number One Son); and I forget and really don't care to remember the rest of the totally insane recommendations on how to survive Cairo (especially coming from people who've never been expats anywhere else).  It's getting near the 90's here, and perhaps a bit too hot for our dog to lay its buns down on top of a hot piece of metal, so today it's ass in the grass.

Speaking of buns, (in reference to my wonderful, Number One Son, who gave me the
Bonnaroo Cold) I would like to add that about two days after coming down with the cold, I started feeling totally bummy. I was smacked sideways by Ramses' Revenge, King Tut's Trots, Cleopatra's Craps - you decide which phrase is most apropos, but when it comes out, it's all the same. In Azerbaijan we used to call it "The Baku Belly," which lasted two weeks (not less, not more - exactly two weeks). Subsequently, most of the photos I've caught here, were just recent, within the past (actually, just less than a) week.  I'm hoping, since I am feeling better, to get out and catch up on a few cars I had initially mentioned before my trip back to the States (hint: the tricked out bug with front light wipers).

Nice Tan Bug near KIMO, but a bit banged up.

Let me not forget to mention, what a pain in the ass, but from another angle, Blogger / Safari has gotten (exact origin unknown).  I think I've mentioned
my recent problems with Blogger and Safari previously (a couple of times.)
First, for some unknown reason Safari became totally incompatible with Blogger during a Blogger update. So I downloaded Firefox, which gave me innumerable editing accessories I didn't have with Safari. The type of accessories that in Safari, require you to write your own HTML, which is tedious, and takes up all sorts of thinking and time wasting. So, I downloaded Safari 3 beta, which appeared to be just like Firefox. But, later, while trying to download photos, Safari 3 beta froze up, at which point I had to revert back to Firefox. You may say, "soooo what!" Well, all my tracking devices use my Safari cookies to exclude my computer from tracking. When you use another software program it registers as a
new computer, thereby totally fucking up my tracking stats! So, for those of you, besides myself, who look at my stats, the ones for Cairo are skewed - just like my mind, at this point.

Purple Bug which looks like someone either keyed it extensively or it's been traveling through hard country. Lots of chipped paint on this thing. Do those teeny, weeny little fog lights work?

I had considered making Firefox my dedicated Blogger software. That would entail re-submitting all the new cookies from Firefox, for tracking, reading, etc., my blog. Duh. Not so easy, especially after I downloaded the Safari 3 beta and
thought it worked. Call me stupid. 
In addition, I have to keep remembering to change the dates for my posts. Blogger saves the date you initially start your draft, and if you're not attentive, or maybe trying to "game" the system, i.e. pretending to put up a post on a date before you actually posted your entry, then they make it quite easy for the cheater in us. I have actually checked 
Technorati regarding a few dubious blog dates, since I personally thought I was loosing my mind, or that senility was starting to set in, or just to satisfy my suspicions. Since I draft my blogs, sometimes almost a week in advance, I keep my eyes out for that date (and time) religiously. I've found that a lot of things related to Blogger, either with Safari or Firefox, need to be handled with care, just like all of our old VW's.  I may talk like a truck driver, but I do try to be honest about it all.

Delivery van near Residence Hotel. They get daily deliveries, so I've had pretty good luck catching a variety of VW Delivery Vans here, at various times of the day. It's possible that I caught this van from a different angle, once before.

Orange and white VW Bay Window Bus. This Bus looks like it's been keyed too. Looks like we have a few key using graffiti artists in our midst.

A blog about turning a gas guzzling bus into a vegan.
My Sustainable Summer Road Trip

We call our 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon a "volksvegan" because it is a diesel that my boyfriend modified to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO).

It has been quite a process getting her roadworthy, but after installing a new turbo engine, a second tank and system for the grease, and replacing parts on our old bus bit by bit (including installing the all-important hemp/organic cotton pop-top canvas), we are finally ready to hit the road for the ultimate test of this experimental sustainable fuel.

You can also read about their trip

The German Car Blog is showcasing a VW Multivan for the price of 130.00 Euros. Um, that's $177,423.00.  Are you kidding me!  If you're interested you better rush out to order one right this minute, as quantities are limited (and god only knows how much they'll be charging for VW Vanagons next week)!  Seems like prices are skyrocketing.  

To sum it all up:
Reputations changeable, situations tolerable

The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

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