Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday

This is what happens when you start digitizing old photos. You find the strangest things, including an aunt standing by a VW Bug sometime around 1980. This was taken with a Canon half frame camera with a rotary lens. For those of you who've never heard of this, for each frame you get one photo with a 35 mm camera, which gets you two with the half frame camera. It's virtually a two for one fest. It's called a Canon Dial 35 and was 28 mm, which I received from my godfather, who worked for Canon Camera in Chicago. I understand it's quite a collector's item. Unfortunately, because the negatives are smaller, they don't produce quality photos, but really, do we rate our memories on quality? Isn't it just nice to get these old photos developed and find the surprises.

Vrrrooom! Wha does it take to build a car?
Ever wonder how a car is made? Today we visit a manufacturing plant to learn the first steps. Part 1 of two.

Belvidere, Ill. - By the time you finish reading this article, seven more Dodge Calibers will be built at the Chrysler Assembly Plant in Belvidere. That's one completed every 42 seconds. Not bad considering that just 19 hours earlier, each car was little more than steel and roughly 1,800 different parts.

A slide show explains the whole process.

Now for some photos from Bonaroo , taken by Number One Son:

Loading up the Van:

On The Road:

Setting Up Camp:

Number One Son went to Bonnaroo with several friends. They put large orange circles on the car windshields to show that they have been searched. No glass, no propane, no alcohol for underage visitors, etc. The young man, Cody, in the tent next to Number One Son's contingent apparently went to sleep in his tent. This would be Thursday. Friday someone came around looking for water. Number One Son said they were depleting theirs rapidly due to the heat and couldn't help the guy. So he went to Cody's tent, unzipped it and found the young man flailing his arms and blue lips. Medics were called and Cody was pronounced dead at the hospital. Here's a news article.

Dinner: Warming-up cans of Spaghettios.

In case you're wondering what's up with the windshield wipers, well they broke. The driver's side wiper just out and out, broke. It needs a new arm. Number One Son, set the passenger side wiper to cover the whole windshield, so it's propped up in an odd way in order to make it work.
Good thinking Number One Son!

Other Vans at Bonnaroo:

The End

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