Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday

From Connecticut to Cairo: Connecticut
First, let me thank Number One Son for giving me the Bonnaroo Cold, or what-ever it is. Something like the Hajj Flu, it's a virus that spreads among many thousands who are in very close in proximity to each other. Whether it be walking around the Kabaa, or sharing who knows what they share at Bonnaroo (I hate to think), it's basically the same thing, and it has knocked me on my ass! Apologies to all those flying on the planes with me when I was possibly contagious.   (It's not like I'm carrying T.B. or anything like that - knock on wood.) Aand, as if, I've never been coughed on....

Even though we took our Van up to Bob's in West Springfield (and the Audi too), both times I forgot to take my camera. Call me an idiot. On Tuesday June 26, the day I was flying out Bob, had Bug #53 and a Baha Buggy in the lot! Go ahead, shoot me! I did catch a Maroon Vanagon down the road from my house and a couple of greetings in Cairo, though one's just the back end. I need to get with the program, but I'm afraid I was suffering from exhaustion, too. Check out the spelling from the handwritten sign on the rear end of the bug.


Transporting goods in Cairo - possibly in a taxi. (Is that a flat screen TV?)

Playing with photos: When the Boss Man first got his Nikon Cool-Pix back in Abu Dhabi, it came with a negative scanning accessory. No one ever used it. Then, out of boredom, in Baku, Azerbaijan one summer, Number One Son began experimenting and here lies a sample. Photo on the left: Original; Photo on the right: Experiment.  Kinda cool.

Boss Man just sent me an item for sale from GoWesty. A 1987 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #881 . I'm not their sales agent, so don't get me wrong here.  


Check it out.  Who's gonna keep this thing in immaculate condition? (I hope they have a maid), or is it just a "show piece" for an ex - hippie wannabe?  And, if it's so great and to his specs, why the hell is he selling it? Let me think - maybe, 'cause it's too nice to actually use?  

(From GoWesty) Description:
Luis wants a bright red Syncro Westy. Problem is, no such thing exists. So, he had us build him this all new, totally custom Syncro Westy. We started with a rust free, collision free, dark gray 1987 2WD Westfalia GL Camper. We took it COMPLETELY apart, had it painted bright red, and converted it to ALL NEW 4WD running gear, and the rest is history. It is getting one of our all new 2.5 liter power plants, decoupler, front and rear lockers, 16" wheels, custom geared transaxle, Recaro leather/cloth seats, all new interior panels re-done in Recaro leather/cloth combination to match the front seats, and, and, and.... Well you get the picture, just dream it up, and this one will have it!

..For the low, low price of $67,769.43 (009,027 miles)

Did you say, "overpriced!"  No shit Sherlock!

I confess - I'm a member of the Bob Dylan Fan Club and I get to order my tickets before they go on sale to the public. Bob and the band were playing in Northampton, MA., not too far from our place. But it was the night I was leaving to return to Cairo. Since it was close to Number One Son's birthday, I got him some tickets. I've never seen Bob in a live concert and maybe, one of these days, I'll get the chance, Inshallah (God Willing). This is one of my favorite Bob Dylan videos, it has an old time feel to it, I think because everyone in the band is moving to their own beat, but then totally in sync.

Bob Dylan - Cold Irons Bound

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