Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 2010 Wallpaper / Screensaver

"April showers bring May flowers."

A couple of blumenvasen for this month's calendar.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


A few non-funkengroovin items of note.

The New York Times has had two excellent articles recently:

 Labor Protests Test Egypt’s Government
Published: April 28, 2010
"In the past, the government has negotiated with workers, hoping to confine their demands to pocketbook issues, but there are signs that its patience is wearing thin."

More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship
Published: April 25, 2010
"A growing number of overseas Americans are renouncing their citizenship over taxation and banking problems."

Lastly - if you know of any Americans living in Egypt of the Democratic persuasion (i.e. Obama supporters) please pass the word that Democrats Abroad Egypt is the place for them.  You can direct them to the Facebook group, or the official Democrats Abroad link for Egypt.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2010 Wallpaper / Screensaver

April calendar.

The first photo is an old VW Bus we spotted in Giza. The driver said he thought it might be an old military vehicle. The second photo is a hood ornament, from the car show in West Suffield, CT last summer.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Funkengroovin - Scenes From Giza 1

We had guests here in Cairo, for spring break.  Anyone who visits Cairo wants and should see the Pyramids.  Most famous of all are the Giza Pyramids.  The photos in this first set are our drive from Sakkara to Giza, late morning early afternoon.  Most photos were taken through the window of our car, so the colors / shots are somewhat murky.

Below:  Farmers on a donkey pulled cart pull over to allow a huge tour bus to pass.  The road around Sakkara is dirt, and wide enough for two cars.

Below: A red Bus in Giza.  Most Giza VW Buses are white.  So this is unusual.

Below:  On The Road.

Below:  As usual, a VW Bus (people mover) drives through Giza town with it's side door open, making it easy for passengers to hop on and off.

Below 3 photos:  "White Chickens" (the nickname for VW Buses in Giza) in action.

Below:  Took several photos of this Bus to no avail.  He has a horse on the front of his roof (click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Below:  Finally, the road to the Pyramids.  Another form of transportation.  These buggies are a common site in the part of town near the Pyramids, and at the site, as well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 2010 Wallpaper / Screensaver

"About Time!" You Say.

I tried, for several days last week, to load up a VW photos onto the site that makes the wallpaper, to no avail. It kept cropping the Packard photo, and VB just gave up on that and let it be.  Finally today (and with a completely new VW photo) it worked. The first photo is a well cared for Splittie, we found here in Cairo, Egypt.  Unfortunately, VB had to take it with the iPhone as there were just too many boabs and guards milling around.  The second photo is of a 1935 Packard we saw at the annual Congamond Lake car show in West Suffield, CT this past year.

Apologies for the lateness of this posting.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funkengroovin - Catching Up With Myself

Since VB hasn't posted for a few weeks, it was time to catch up with the photos she had taken. Then after digging through the photo file and finding these, she thought, "that can't be, I've already posted those."  So then she went back through her blogs to determine if she was being redundant, and found she was not.

The photos below start from the most recent ones taken with the Nikon to the last three, which are all taken with the iPhone.

Below: On the way home from Road 9 one day.

Below:  Just across Port Said Street, not far from VB's apartment.

Below:  On the highway.

Below:  The dirt road near Carrefore.

Below 3 photos:  Somewhere on the way home from Carrefore.

(Would like a better photo of this Beetle.  It's kind of cool looking.)

Below 3 photos were taken with the iPhone.  The 2 below are on Road 9.

Below:  Another on the way home from Road 9. (Enlarge this to check out the fan on the dashboard.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 2010 Wallpaper / Screensaver

Better late than never.

VB forgot to post the new wallpaper / screensaver photos. 

The first is a VW Beetle in an alley at The Khan. The second is a Nash Metropolitan at a Congamond Lake car show this past summer, in West Suffield, CT.