Friday, August 21, 2009

Funkengroovin - Terryville, CT Bug-A-Fair 2009, Two Buses

Both buses below have already had a good number of hits on flickr. The front view of the yellow bus with the grille seems to be very popular. The first bus is a "Dormobile" - a few links: Dormobile Cars, and Dormobile's Owners Club.

If you're as much out of it on this as VB, then here's a bit of info from the Dormobile Cars website:

"What is a Dormobile? Well, Dormobile is a brand name of a type of camper conversion carried out by a firm called Martin Walter Ltd of England. The modifications usually involved fitting of a fibreglass roof to give extra space – often with windows to let light in. Sometimes this roof was hinged on one side and an accordion-like fabric tent expanded into the space. Later models included separate sleeping compartments as they became more advanced. Most vehicles also had a caravan style interior fitted, with seats and often cooking apparatus. The word Dormobile has become synonymous with this type of conversion, so many now refer to any camper conversion of a car or van as a dormobile, much in the way that people refer to vacuum Cleaners as Hoovers, although other conversions do exist, such as those by Westfalia on VW Camper vans.

Dormobiles were usually ordered brand new, with the donor vehicle being built by the original manufacturer, then delivered to the Martin Walters factory where the conversion would take place before the customer took delivery, and the customer could decide on their own bespoke specification, colours and interiors to suit their own requirements."

Oh, and here's the Wiki on it.

VB hears plenty of talk that goes in one ear and out the other when she walks around the car show. Some information sticks. So, VB was walking by as the owner of this bright yellow bus with grilles, talked about it with a passerby. VB doesn't recall the year, but he is the original owner. He then immediately proceeded to transform it, and this is the rendition his labor.

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