Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funkengroovin - Terryville, CT Bug-A-Fair 2009, Three Oddities

Today we have three unusual VWs you don't normally get to see at a show.

(Below 4 Photos): The Schwimmwagen. We asked the owner and if VB heard correctly, he had not tried it out in water. As you can see it's full of artillery and the muffler is mounted over the rear hood. For more detailed information check out, and

(Below): This is a Beetle with split window, rag-top, a hand crank, and semaphore signals. The owner (sitting next to the Schwimmwagen guy) said he's not cranked it to start it. He did turn on the signals and you can clearly see the semaphore in one of the photos below. VB doesn't know about you, but in our family the Schwimmwagen would've been out in water, and someone would've cranked this Bug up - at the least once, out of giddy curiosity.

(Below): An air conditioned aka "swamp cooler" Beetle. This was parked elsewhere, and while we were walking back to move our Bug closer to our Vanagon, the owner pulled this car up closer to his Bus. It then attracted quite a few people still milling around even though the temps were way into the 90s, and many owners pulled out just after the judging was over. The cylindrical contraption on the window below, is the air conditioner. There's a close-up photo of it, as well. More links: UK Resto-Cal Volkswagen Forums and Car Cooler.

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