Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funkengroovin - Terryville, CT Bug-A-Fair 2009, Volkyrriqueno

While VB was sweating her ass off at Terryville in the sun on Sunday, trying to exert as little energy as possible, she noticed something new (at least it was new to her.) It's the Volkyrriqueno, with the sticker on the windshield. What the hell is that? Well, Awesome Daughter pointed out the Puerto Rican flag in one of the cars. (She knows what the Puerto Rican flag looks like?!) And, she suggested it might be some sort of VW club.

VB found two Myspace pages for Volkyrriqueno,
here and here. Her best guess is that this is a VW enthusiast club with members of Puerto Rican descent. It's just a guess, and VB did not notice the windshield stickers last year (although they were there). These guys have some pretty sweet cars. Some of the cars VB recognized from last year's Bug-A-Fair. But, it was so damn hot this year, she skipped taking photos of many, many cars. Here's one of VB's favorites from last year, which she saw again this year.

(Below): The windshield sticker.

(Below): Enlarge the photos for a real treat. This car has a gas heater under the front hood. The best VB could find is this article from "Heating Your Beetle." (You will have to scroll down a bit for the information on gas heaters, which isn't much.)

(Below): More cars from the club. It's quite possible that VB took pictures of other club cars, without the sticker showing. These are definitely ones with the club stickers. And this line-up, just behind the gazebo seemed to be all Volkyrriqueno VWs.

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