Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Funkengroovin - To Alex

There are not as many VW photos today as VB usually posts, but there were a few surprises we caught on our way to Alexandria, Egypt. VB admits, she missed three VW Buses, and a man taking a leak on the highway, while she was on the way to the train station. Sometimes she's just not that quick.

(Below): A bright yellow Bus going in the opposite direction.

(Below): Wondering what the hell is hanging off this truck?

(Below): Just a bunch of garbage.

(Below): A VW special order high roof Bus. This one, a friend says, is a medical supply company.

(Below): Red Beetle with a flat.

(Below): Blue Beetle on a bridge, taken from another bridge.

(Below): We rounded our bridges and got a bit closer.

(Below): At the station - a woman waits at a kiosk.

(Below): Something VB wants to do one of these days. Perhaps to Luxor.

(Below): The train arrives. It's an express, taking two hours to get to Alexandria from Cairo.

(Below): Reflections. The window reflects what's happening at the station (to VB's left,) while she takes a photo of another train (to her right.)

(Below): More reflections. (The overhead glass storage area.)

(Below): A tomato truck on the parallel highway. You can see farmers in the background. This whole area from Cairo to Alexandria is fertile and abundant with farms.

(Below): VB was fooling around, taking a photo of the window logo. Then...

as we slowed down near a village we all heard a loud crash. Someone either threw a rock or shot at the train. The windows are double walled. The outside window broke completely. This is what was left of the interior window. The woman wearing the red scarf, seen earlier in the reflections photo, pulled the screen down, and then moved to the other side of the train. This was shot, as we were leaving the train, in Alexandria.

VB is busy entertaining Number One Son, so no news today.

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