Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funkengroovin - Day One, Alex

Upon our arrival in Alexandria, we were met by two Beetles at the train station.

From our room, which had a sea view, we spotted a white Beetle nearing.

Then it was just underneath, in Corniche traffic.

Looking farther east, an intersection with constant congestion provided entertainment (the hotel TeeVee options were crappy.)

The view beyond our hotel, took us just to another bend in the road, along the Corniche.

After, unpacking, a few drinks, and snacks, we ventured out to
Fort Qaitbay. It was just around sunset, at this point.

The Fort was actually closed, but the promenade provided plenty of sights, including a family trying to eat, despite being inundated with begging cats.

Couples sat along the pier at sunset.

Sellers presented strange, fugly, displays for their wares. This was a seashell seller.

As we walked towards the Corniche, we passed a kiosk, with wonderful pastel colors.

We spotted a dive center, with an interesting sign.

Then, of course, we spotted a Doka! Parked on the street, near a few sheesha joints.

Some yummy looking sweets, with a wonderful window display. It reminded VB of the coffee houses in Vienna - all old fashioned, and very proper looking.

We arrived at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, and decided to call it a night, signaling a taxi.

Back at the hotel, the intersection entertainment was still there, and even more enjoyable, as large groups of pedestrians tried to maneuver through traffic.

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