Monday, March 16, 2009

The Alexandrian Taxi

Riding in a cab in Alexandria, is crazy! Cabbies don't drive in the lanes.

They prefer to make their own lanes.

The door locks don't necessarily work. On the other hand,

some cabbies call their taxis, their "second wife," donning them with what they consider sexy gadgets. This guy, had all sorts of insane horn sounds, a DVD player, CD player, a cassette player, four tachometers, numerous mirrors, a dash full of light machines, and two bobbing head dogs (okay, so there's lots of other shit in this car that VB can't explain.) Enlarge the photo to see how crazy this taxi actually is.

And there are those cabbies, who pretend their taxis are not what they are (Lada.)

But then, they're not the only ones.

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