Monday, March 23, 2009

Funkengroovin - Day Two, Alex - Afternoon, Starbucks / Pompey's Pillar Revisited

The Starbucks at the Four Seasons Hotel sits directly on the Corniche, so people and car watching are optimum.
Several Buses and Beetles drove by, which VB could not capture quickly enough. Here's two that did not get away.

After a snack for a still growing Number One Son, and coffee, we decided to head over to Pompey's Pillar. We weren't enthusiastic about it, but wanted to show Number One Son at least one ancient site. We visited the site back in October, in the morning. On this day, it was around 2:00 PM, when we set off. Traffic was bad. Again, the driver decides to make his own lane.

And, he can clearly determine how close we can get before touching.

A Notchback sits double parked along the route.

A bright yellow Beetle crosses through an intersection.

And we arrive, to a deserted site. The last time we were there, during October Eid, it was packed. You could not get a photo, without having people in it. Today, we were the only tourists. As they say, "It was postcard perfect."

Number One Son was not so impressed with Pompey's Pillar. He did have fun in the catacombs, though.

A policeman hailed a taxi (the crazy, sexy one) to take us to the Corniche, and declares, 'No more than 10LE!" He didn't know where on the Corniche we were going. We were headed back to the hotel.

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