Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Day Two - Late Afternoon - Back To The Hotel

We get into the crazy, sexy taxi en route to the hotel. The traffic was worse than before, but our driver knew a few side streets to maneuver through, before we hit the main drag - The Corniche. As you can see, traffic is backed up. We spotted several Beetles on the way to the hotel.

Here a blue Beetle sits in traffic. A major traffic accident occurred just ahead of it.
Several cars were pulled over along the median strip, policemen were investigating, and we saw a man on lying on the ground a bit further up the strip. We're not sure what happened. Pedestrians constantly dart out into traffic, thinking they can make it across the Corniche, without getting run over. On the other hand, some drivers think it's an expressway, and whiz by at speeds that quite literally scare the beegeebees out of you. After a car sped by us rather close on his side, then veered off in front of us, Number One Son exclaimed, "I almost got creamed!"

We chase a red Beetle, but can't catch up. Go Figure!

Nearing the hotel, we pass a gold Beetle. The driver was now going so fast, VB just caught it, in the nick of time, as we rounded a corner. VB actually bumped her camera against the door, as she tried to take a photograph, while getting knocked sideways.

And, what do we see parked across the street from our destination? Another Beetle. Don't you just love the hood tie down?

Next to the beetle, sits a brand new taxi. One that VB would love to have taken. But, nooooo. The Boss Man became "frriinds" with Hassan, and his broke down taxi with broke down locks, and a piece of wood he uses as a parking brake, and his fucking little giggle when things got sketchy!

Later, VB hears a strange noise in the room.

Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy

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