Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Two, Alex - Morning

Yes, we are still watching traffic from our window. But, since we're on the Corniche and along the shore, there's plenty else to see.

As usual, the traffic is chaotic. A huge bus, reflecting small huts along the shore on it's windshield, decides to come bounding in to the intersection, pushing everyone else aside.

Then, there's another Beetle. This time red.

And a three wheeled motorcycle, on the sidewalk. It's gotta be safer and quicker, that's for sure.

As VB sips her coffee, two people run across the beach together.

"What do we do today," is the breakfast question. Both The Boss Man and Number One Son are allergic to art museums, and any other thing called "a museum" causes knipschen fits. VB wasn't interested so much either. After Greece, including Vergina, when it was still a virginal tourist site, among other sites we've visited, the VB family has pretty much had our fill of the same old same old. We asked (and showed the mapped) to go to the lighthouse at Abu Qir, but the cabbie dropped us off at Fort Qaitbay. Obviously, something was lost in the translation, or lack thereof. The lighthouse, according to our map, is at the other end of the inlet (it's actually twelve miles east of Alexandria, but looks closer on the map). This all could possibly have been avoided, had VB not left her guidebook on the train. So, we once again amble along the pier. And again, in better lighting, sans the fugly display, we drift towards a few sellers. VB was drawn to the display with an evil eye, mounted on large shells.

She then wandered over to a stand where she bought a small wooden bastet, while Number One Son checked out watches.

VB thinks Number One Son might have taken this photo. She was having problems with her Nikon D40, when he grabbed it and snapped a photo, mocking her for being an idiot. Whatever.... It's two men fishing off the pier.

As we left, we spotted a bunch of school boys pushing a broke down school bus.

They actually helped get it jump started, and they were pretty juiced up about it too. VB was never in a class so enthusiastic to get back to school after a field trip. This was certainly a sight to see and savor.

We walked by two men repairing tiles on a wall.

And the horse and buggy drivers. These are all over Alexandria, and many people use them as an alternative to taxis.

As we tried to follow the map to the Lighthouse, we got lost along a street reeking of fish. The smell was so strong, we could barely snap a few shots, before we rushed back towards the main road, giving up our search.

It's at this point we hail a taxi, heading to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

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