Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - VWs In Traffic, From The Car

This should be called, "The Better Late Than Never Edition."

VB has been sick. She came down with a cold the day she left Cairo (that would be last Monday). She actually felt so bad she stayed in her pajamas all day, making her a real, live
pajamahadeen, more so in dress than in action. She then went on to New York City, to brave the incredible wind and cold, and indulge in semi-fine dining.

Then on to Connecticut Thursday night, where she still got no rest, and her cold seemed to get a second wind. After getting rid of The Boss Man, driving him to Logan on Sunday (he was all consumed with getting that little '65 Beetle convertible to the reupholstery man, and the tires changed on the Audi, which would then go into storage,) she finally got to take a few naps, and is starting to feel sorta real again. Her teeth still hurt, and the folicles on her head feel "touchy". Needless to say, her sinuses are having a heyday. What started as a chest cold, traveled to her head, and has decided to hang out there awhile.

VB, the generous woman she is, passed on this great gift to The Boss Man and Awesome Daughter. Okay, so this could be called "The
Typhoid Mary Edition," as well. Anthony Bourdain wrote an excellent little biography of Mary, BTW. Speaking of Anthony, The Boss Man and VB ate at one of his establishments, Les Halles, downtown.

Now, to the Funkengroovin part. Here are photos of cars in traffic, in Cairo.

(Below, Leaving the Alabaster Factory at Mokattam.) OMG! Just missed it!

(Below): No, caught it from the rear window.

(Below): On the highway, doing a U-Turn, and so is this guy. Blow it up for a closer look.

(Below): Oncoming! Just caught it.

(below): A Vanagon in traffic. Cars often get very close in traffic in Cairo. This is not considered "close" by any means.

(Below 2 Photos): Beetle turning to the left of us.

(Below): White Bus ahead of us, looks totally washed out in the sunlight.

(Below): In better lighting, a much nicer looking Bus.

(Below): Another oncoming Beetle.

Volkswagen's Autostadt: Image Is Everything

Her first set of wheels: a '69 VW Beetle

This article:
Hippies Long For the Sixties, Get Slapped Upside the Head by VW is a review of an ad for the Routan (known on this blog, as The Rotten). Any "60's retired, long, grey haired boomer, who thinks The Rotten will bring back endless old memories, took way too much LSD! (Just sayin'.)

Award winning Archie can get you to the altar
"Nicknamed ‘Archie’, the mint-and-velvet green split-screen Samba has won a total of eight awards on the show circuit, including the Split Screen Van Club’s Van of the Year award for 2008 and has featured in several VW magazines."

Madcap mechanic set to be next Damien Hirst as his fun cars are recognised by art world

The Autopia WTF? Art Car Photo Caption Contest

Mideast anti-Americanism doesn't apply to Harley-Davidsons

Car Buyers Predict Presidential Race
"The top three brands among Obama supporters are Mini, Subaru and Saab, and we suggest that Obama play up the first two. The Cooper S and WRX symbolize youth, energy and responsiveness -- and both cars are financially responsible choices. " (Psst! VB owns a Mini Cooper S.)

Oct. 17, 1973: Angry Arabs Turn Off the Oil Spigot
"1973: The Arab oil-producing states impose an embargo against nations supporting Israel in the Fourth Arab-Israeli War, also known as the October War or Yom Kippur War. The effect upon petroleum-consuming countries was immediate, profound and long-lasting.
The oil embargo, and the cut in production that accompanied it, doubled the price of crude and reduced overall supply. That forced gas prices to skyrocket at the pump and led to rationing and the imposition of price controls in the United States and Western Europe. Long gas station lines and frustrated motorists became iconic images of the early 1970s.

It also awakened the West to just how dependent it was on Middle Eastern oil, and how fragile that lifeline really was."


VB and Awesome Daughter are on to their second pot of homemade chicken soup since last Saturday. It seems to be the stuff of substance these days. It soothes the throat, and with a bit of lemon, is probably the only thing we can really taste right now. After the holy trinity, and a few parsnips boil down, a few skinny Amish noodles, and chicken bits are added, they go down like a liquid slider.

Bruce Springsteen - Badlands - Live in New York City

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