Monday, November 3, 2008


(Below): What VB will be doing (towards Canada? - That's debatable - Greece?) if the election does not go her way. Yes, this guy is carrying a bathtub in a three wheel bicycle, which he's walking. Must be mighty heavy (obviously not plastic.) More importantly, he is clogging up traffic!

VB is posting this on Monday night, 3 November 2008. She is working tomorrow at the polls (you know, the place we Yanks go to vote,) as an "Unofficial Poll Checker." That means VB has to stand (or maybe they will have a chair for her to sit. On the other hand, she lives in a HUGE Republican teeny weeny little farming community. We are not setting down any expectations.)

Note to self: Don't forget to vote, while you are there.

Okay, so tomorrow is The Day, and VB has to watch, and listen, and check off people on the voting list. Then someone comes along, and grabs that list from her hands, and hands her a clean list, with all the same names. The person who takes the list, goes off to start calling the people who (for some unknown reason) have not voted. Yes, VB is working for a political party. She is just an Ass, like the rest of them!

Wednesday is the day after. Regardless, VB will most likely have a hangover - one way or another, either celebratory, or in the early stages of a major depression. So, just plan on the Funkengroovin Wednesday to be a bit later in the day - this is just a warning - an FYI.

(Below): Oh, BTW, Lotus says "hey!"

(Below): And we all know who she'd vote for (if she could.)


  1. Lotus is lovely, love the sticker on her box. American politics has always facinated me. You are all so passionate. But I don't agree with all the money that is spent on the campaign trail. Could be put to much better use.

    BTW I would vote for Obama too if I could vote.

  2. I agree about the money part, but Obama had to go that route due to the 527s we have here (independent groups who run most of the negative ads.) If they got rid of the 527s, and set down an amount for both candidates, then I could see some equality, and sensibility in the system.

    BTW, that sticker did us no good coming back into US Customs - it's obviously a sign that we are "unpatriotic."