Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wall Street Wives

VB spent a few days this week in New York City, as she was coming down with a massive cold. She can't wrap her head around any VW stuff right now, especially after driving down to Manchester, CT for the upholstery work on the '65 Bug, among other auto related items.

In the midst of illness, and some turmoil around here (we happen to have a coyote roaming around "The Association"), she's just been spending time keeping up with politics.

Today she sees this: The Suffering of Wall Street Wives

"Wall Street wives are finding that they must defer dreams and fancy things," the L.A. Times reported in a page one story on Saturday. One wife, who had been looking forward to her husband's retiring with "$10 to $12 million," told the Times she was "so angry" with the stock market meltdown, which was "not in her plan." The husband made $400,000 last year, "but there are no reports yet on what will happen to 2008 bonuses and options."

"On Wall Street the average income is $365,000, according to the Times, "although top-flight managers typically make many millions more." Wall Street wives described to L.A. Times reporter Geraldine Baum "the pain of walking through malls and boutiques -how it hurts knowing they can't grab a few things for themselves that might catch their fancy."

" wife described "bitterly" the "lavish gifts" they had given to others - like the $5,000 diamond-and-platinum ring her husband had given his sister when she got married, along with a week at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. "I wish I had that money now," the wife told the Times.


Maybe they can get a show on BRAVO, like "The Wives of Wall Street"


"This Bull's got balls, but he ain't goin' nowhere!"

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