Friday, September 21, 2007

Not In My Backyard!

Just about a month ago, I posted a blog on what to do with leftover dog food. The answer was, "feed it to the cats." Well we've had a few developments at The Cathouse, since then:

Remember the new mom? Just having given birth, she decided to chow down on my porch, often carrying a mouthful of food to her kitties. Well, I spied them when they were little balls of fur, running around the yard of the duplex next door. The French guy, on the side nearest to my apartment building said his wife was away and instructed him "not to feed the cats." They had a cat that passed away earlier, and his wife told him she wanted one of the kittens. Okay, am I the only one wondering how you could possibly think you can take in a kitten, when you've decided to starve it, and the mom? Is this the real version of French Women Don't Get Fat. The Secret of Eating For Pleasure? Maybe they forgot about eating for survival.

(Mom and kittens.)

Late last month / early this month I called and e-mailed the three rescue operations here in Cairo about The Strange Cat, who we sometimes refer to as "The Golden Boy" and his girlfriend about sheltering them. The shelters were all full. I then called my vet and asked if he could pick them up to neuter them. Yes, I had a dog and still have a dog crate, but our crate is the largest known to man. There's no way I could transport the cats in that thing. He told me two days in a row he'd be by to get them and never showed up. I was pretty depressed for a few days, then I decided that there are just some things totally out of my control.

This past week the kittens have been coming over to eat, pretty much on their own. Momma is neglecting the children! Not only that, but today, she was up a tree, and every male in the hood was caterwauling in my backyard. The bitch is in heat, again!

Mr. Bad Ass Cat here, who's old and diseased was sitting under the tree, while the old grey skulker was on the platform, and mom had her ass propped centrally located in the crotch of the tree. From what I've read on the Internet, the big cat gets laid, so Mr. Bad Ass is wasting his time. Okay, she can go do her thing with the winner of the "I'm cock of the walk club" in somebody else's yard! Not in my backyard - take that shit somewhere else sweetheart.

The Strange Cat's girlfirend is now pregnant too - we think, which pisses me off since we could have avoided this, if she had been neutered when I made my calls.
She's also a nuisance. She loves scratching my cheap Target sisel carpets and knows every entrance and exit to and from our apartment. I don't know what she wants, but when I pet her she turns and nips at me. Did I not ever say before, I'm a dog person. My dogs loved being petted. I don't really care for erratic, feral behavior. It's freaky!

This is a neutered cat. I don't know which gender, but it was watching the events at the tree in total wonderment. It's a loner and comes to eat now. I like it and have been told, it's definitely a Mau. He/she looks just like The Golden Boy, same eyes, same markings, same size, just different coloring.

I just learned they clip the right ear here in Cairo to mark neutered cats. It's a bit different than the ear clipping they perform in the States.

The Golden Boy has been a juvie lately, staying out late until like 9:00 AM (he's usually back around 6:00 Am, but then again, they did change the time here.) Some days he does not show up for over 24 hours. Today he ran around caterwauling up all the wrong trees. He can smell it - he just hasn't figured out where it's coming from yet.

Makes for one very tired boy.

All's okay, though. Vagabondblogger Doggie passed away in mid - July (about two weeks after The Golden Boy moved in.) The week after she died The Boss Man started looking for a new pup. We contacted someone in Ohio about getting another field Springer, which is what Vagabondblogger Doggie was. We were told, the bitch would be coming into heat, "any day now." That was in late July. As of the beginning of September, she had still not come into heat (big problem - that means we couldn't pick the pup up until sometime in January.) That's when we contacted the breeder who provided us with Awesome Daughter's pup (seen below.) Last week the breeder, and her breeding buddy had two litters, (bench Springers.) This is our Doggie in Galveston, Texas spring 2006. Here's Awesome Daughter's bench Springer, below.

Even though we've decided to set aside one porch for the cats, Vagabondblogger suspects that many cats will just take a hike to the next feeding station (or garbage bin) after the arrival of the new pup. That's okay, because I love Springers - they are the best dogs and yea, Vagabondblogger likes to snuggle up with them too. Springers are practically human.

BTW, the search involving Madeleine McCann's DNA was conducted with English Springer Spaniels. Here's an article with pics.

Oh, and don't let me forget, an English Springer Spaniel won the Best of Show at Westminster Kennel Club this year. No we will not be "showing" our dog, but we will train it to sniff. Take it from Vagabondblogger, English Springer Spaniels have quite a nose.

I can't wait for my pup.

BTW, for those of you who turn their noses up at buying dogs from breeders, TFS!

More on the new pup later.

Did I forget to say, "I am so excited!"


  1. My sister rescued a young mother and her kittens, and then fosters them until she could find homes or the shelter would take them. She scheduled the mama cat to be fixed, and ends up she was already pregnant again. Here, they'll just go ahead and remove the uterus anyway. Tragic as it is, it's 4-6 less kittens on the street, looking for food. They didn't tell my sister until after they had performed the procedure.

  2. I was told that if I get a female neutered to make sure they do both the tubes. Apparently some vets here think cutting / tying one tube will do the job, but the cat ends up getting pregnant again.

    I still may try to catch the golden boy in my big crate and see if someone can come take him away for a neutering session. He's been somewhat aggressive towards me the past couple of days & I can only think it's due to this momma being in season again. He's usually not like this at all. I'm a bit concerned about getting scratched / chewed up by the little bugger!

  3. You could just set up the carrier and put food inside. Do this for a few days in a row, and on the day you're ready to take him in, just close the carrier. He's freak out, but at least you'll have him.

  4. I've thought about it, but you need at least two people to carry our dog crate, even when it's empty. If I could get him in it, and then have someone else come to fetch him with a smaller crate, then that would work out great. With my luck though, I'd end up enticing the wrong cat. I'm still working on it, since I think he's young enough to have it done.