Monday, May 19, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Road Trips, Road Food and TV #5

The Hairy Bikers, plus Oz and James' Big Wine Adventure

This has nothing to do with VW's, but two of VB's favorite shows involve road trips and adventure. The first is The Hairy Bikers, and the second, is Oz and James Big Wine Adventure.

Other news pertaining to Road Trips, Road Food, and TV comes from BBC Food Channel and Apple TV.
On 10 May 2008, (Saturday) BBC Food Channel had Road Trip day, where they showed repeats of previously shown shows, which are not only informative, but funny, as well. Both shows either include cooking on the road, and / or camping out. The other of VB's favorites, included in this BBC Road Trip, is In Search of Perfection, with Heston Blumenthal. Heston is pretty much the British equivalent of Alton Brown. Both love talking about the science behind cooking, and if you're a science idiot like yours truly, then you actually might learn a thing or two. One of the features that makes BBC Food stand out from it's American counterpart, the Food Network, is watching a lot of these blokes, travel around, cook outside, grill, and play with their food. Whereas with most of the shows on the Food Network, it's the same old, in the kitchen presentation, they've been shoving down our throats for years.

In the Hairy Bikers, as far as I've seen (through all that hair, and giggling, mind you) is a delightful tour of Transylvania and Turkey, where they make their own Doner Kebab, as shown below. The Road Trip show takes place in Portugal, and it's pretty much the same format: travel around on their bikes, visit cafes / pubs / homes, and then try cooking a local specialty al fresco. VB hasn't tried any of the recipes, but the show is awfully fun to watch. It's pretty obvious that they don't carry any of their own cooking equipment on their bikes. So, a question: where the hell did they hide the kebab cooker? Again, they had a bunch of helpers towing around their cookery, even though they do a bit of outdoor cooking themselves.

Unfortunately, for the most part, none of these shows realistically deals with cooking on the road.

(Below): Oz and James Big Wine Adventure. They don't really cook (unless you consider making a batch of bad wine "cooking"), but they do go on a Road Trip, and they camp out, too. James drives a Jaguar on the trip through France, and they are complete opposites. Oz the wine snob, pairs up with James from Top Gear. It turns out to be a comical tour of French wine country, as James sneers at Oz's snobbery, and Oz can't fathom James learning a damn thing about wine, or what he calls, "getting it." And by the time it's all over, you'll be "getting it" (or at least a bit of it) too. VB's not sure either of these shows has been on TV in the States (since she's so rarely there, and hasn't had the BBC Food Channel for quite some time until the move to Cairo.)

James May - Rant 3

And, for future reference, a Cabernet goes nicely with a good hamburger.

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