Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Riding Around

Scenes we caught while driving around Cairo: Mostly self explanatory.
Sorry, some not so sharp (a bit blurry.)

(Below): Not an unusual sight on roads in Cairo. Just wondering if "Yevolet" on the side of this truck, is suppose to stand for Chevrolet? You can see it if you click on the photo for a larger photo.

(Below): This blue Bug is parked in a tricky spot. It's flanked by armed police, some who sleep in a car around the corner. It's just up the street from several ambassador residences resulting in high surveillance. VB was finally able to get a photo one day, from the car.

(Below): VW Caddy, which is not sold in the States.


A historical photo gallery of The popemobile through the years, from the LA Times.

Turn Those Bytes Into Books,
is about If you check out the article there's a photo of a book with VW Bus, called Happy Camper, Ltd. Happy Camper, Ltd., is a UK company that rents out VW Campers.

10 Driving No-Nos
"A global guide to some of the most common errors behind the wheel.

Bad driving happens everywhere. But for road behavior at its worst, the place to beat is sub-Saharan Africa, where locals are 100 times more likely to die in traffic accidents than Americans. (Indeed, the destructive power of trucks has become so feared in countries like Ethiopia that locals have dubbed the vehicles "Al Qaeda.")"

You Are What You Drive
"Hell, everybody’s got to drive something. Are all Prius drivers pious? I don’t know. But that halo must be distracting at night."

After the Artropolis
"Stoetzel’s life-sized hippie transport is made from cypress wood and seemed especially popular with Artropolis’s suburban teen visitors. (“We’ve been having some problems with touching,” Mixed Greens’ representative told me through gritted teeth." (Photo and more at the link.)

Buy my bungalow and get a camper van free
"The father-of-four, who for six years has been selling new classic VW Campers that look old, added: "Our house is beautiful and the asking price has always been £220,000."

"The 1600 c.c. classic vehicle, in a special "seventies" dove blue, has 2,000 miles on the clock. It has a three-year parts/labour warranty and 12 months tax. It features a toilet, electric fridge, large electrolux gas, full 5ft. wide king-size bed and an additional over bed storage unit." (Photo at the link.)

From Jalopnik (Nice photo.)
VW Brusbretta Isn't Quite Humiliating Enough

CV 08: VW's Caddy Maxi makes UK debut

CAKE "I Will Survive"

The Road Trips, Road Food, and TV series of posts, will continue in a couple of days.

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