Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Scenes From A Museum, The Toys

A very short blog today, as VB tries to finish up with her Museum series. She plans to close up with one last post about miscellaneous VW items. For now, if you'd like to visit the museum, but were worried about taking the kids, have no fear. Here are a few things for the kids to see and do, while at the VW Museum in Wolfsburg, in addition, of course, to going gaga over some of the vehicles on display. Again, apologies for the grainy photos, and for the fact that VB knows it's not Wednesday. (Also, Google spellcheck still not working, but Cairo Internet is much better.)

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(Below) The perennially annoying rocking ride, seen outside many American grocery stores (except not usually in the form of a Beetle.)

(Below) Two LEGO Cars.

(Below) One of my favorite pins - a sample of what you can find at the"Museum Shop". The VW Museum Shop, was, as of 1996, a wall display at the exit door of the Museum. Not at all like the museum shops you find in artsy museums these days. It was rather stark and you could easily walk right past it, on your way out the door. There was a service counter, and opposite, items were displayed on a wall. That was about it. Umbrellas, ties, keychains, jewelry, and an odd assortment of items were available, at that time. VB's not sure what the "Museum Shop" looks like or what they carry these days, although here's a link, if you'd like to browse (German only.)

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