Saturday, February 9, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Scenes From A Museum, Beetles

More pics from the Wolfsburg Museum. Today is Beetle Day. Go here for the first post, which includes Transporters. Again, photos are old SLR negatives that have been scanned onto a CD. The color is off (VB has tried to "pump it up" some) and they're grainy, too. VB only has iPhoto for touch-ups. More of these to come including: Oddities, Rarities and Relatives, Miscellanea, and Toys. (Also, If VB has been misspelling words, that's because the Google spellcheck is not working - and she's a really bad speller to begin with.)

Wrought Iron Beetle:

A Variety Of Beetles:

From Another Angle:

Custom Beetle:

Custom Beetle, Again:

Beetle Cross Section:


  1. Wow they are fantastic. I love the white custom job... and the wrought iron one... speechless. I keep seeing the vw's on the road here and thinking how much I would like one so I could tootle around without my ever trusty (sami the driver)

  2. Yeah, we love VW's and would love to find a nice old one (Bus) here to take back with us, but we're not picky - we'd take a nice old other car too - the argument goes on about that.

    There are so many VW's here in Egypt of every kind, it's amazing - just amazing how they keep these old cars running! I am dumbfounded by it, but I think that sets Egypt apart from the consumerism overtaking the rest of the world. They make the best with what they have, and the rest of us just go out and buy new. It's a credit to their determination, (and their taste in cars too).

    BTW, I just bought a mouse trap today - get my drift? I may have a post on that one, but just thought you'd like to know, you're not the only one dealing with a ratty little situation.