Thursday, December 20, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday Belated - Puppy Trip To PA

Photos for Would You Buy This Truck and today's blog are fixed - finally! Vagabondblogger posts photos from her desktop. She used to post them from her flickr account, but some countries block flickr. So uploading from her desktop allows everyone to view them. It lowers VB's flickr count, but she doesn't care. She doesn't know if this was part of the problem, but it's now "fixed," to quote the Goggle geeks.

Just about a month ago, The Boss Man and VB took a trip to Pennsylvania to pick up our new pup, Lotus. While there, in a small, small town, we spotted two VW Vans. One on the road, and one being worked on. Later, when we were leaving with the pup (Lotus), we saw both vans at the same house. Same owner? Who knows. We had a six hour drive back to CT, so we weren't exactly in the mood to stop and chit-chat. Besides, Lotus was crying.

How Many Days Till Christmas? VB's been remiss in her Christmas list. LIMBO has a general store offering sun catchers, mugs, clocks, caps, tees, and stickers. How could she do that, even when she had those sun catchers right under her nose while working on the shopping list? You can order from LIMBO anytime, you don't really need Christmas as an excuse now do you?

NEWS AND ARTICLES: Articles about parking lots. Don't you love them? Isn't that what we all live for - to drive around in circles looking for a parking space, that is, unless you own a VW Bus which is too high for most garage height requirements. And VB will bet that a lot of you have been doing just that - shopping for the holidays. You can't get VB near a mall this time of year. She lets her fingers do the driving, err walking. From Slate: Garage Mahals ARCHITECTS TURN THEIR ATTENTION TO THE PROBLEM OF PARKING. By Witold Rybczynski
"Equally dramatic, in a high-tech way, are the parking towers at Autostadt, Volkswagen's exhibition complex and automotive theme park in Wolfsburg, Germany."
Read more about it and ten others at the link above. There's also links to more garage themed articles.

Glory of Cars, Even Parking
"Contributing writers provide a handful of book recommendations, all related to automobiles but most of them of interest to the general reader."
Registration required (free).

It's time to vote for the Collectible Car of the Year!
"Over 500 of you submitted entries of some of the best automobiles we've ever seen: vintage Alfa Romeos, classic El Dorados, souped up Corvettes and Porsches ready for their close-ups. It wasn't easy, but our esteemed panel of judges whittled down the entries to thirty finalists. Now it's up to you to vote for the winner."

Check out, Buy a car - Chicago on Travel Pod. Starting on May 10th with his acquisition of an '85 Van, he is still going from Chicago to December in Peru, with plenty of photos.

From Jalopnik: Buy an $88,000 VW Beetle, Get the Gold for Free

Photo here, but not lighted (see below.) Family's car business can't stop 'buggin'
"ALEXANDRIA - Bill Goepper and his son Matt put a punch into their family business' light display with a decorated Volkswagen Beetle. The family's BMC Auto Rental at 7885 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, has covered "bug" cars in lights during the holidays for six years."

High School Hijinks! ( Another photo)
"The administration at Haddonfield Memorial High School has to be pretty pissed—but isn't that the point of senior pranks? During Spirit Week, the class of 2008 bought a 1974 VW Beetle, painted it up, took it through the school's hallways, and deposited it in the courtyard. Then they removed the steering wheel and locked the doors. Nice work!"
More here too: Phil's Volkswagen Beetle: "The Bug"

nat king cole - the christmas song

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