Sunday, November 18, 2007

No News - Why For, You Say?

Here's why:

Apologies from Vagabondblogger for the lack of communication. She's been on the road driving for two whole days - Eleven hours on Friday, and around nine hours on Saturday.

Friday, Vagabondblogger drove to Boston to fetch The Boss Man at Boston Logan. Drove back home. Packed. Got on the road to get stuck in this:

Drove through Connecticut, New York, part of Pennsylvania, and made it within two hours of final destination. Next morning drove through highways like this:

Scenes like this:

To get to a place near here:

Just to pick up this:

Born on September 11, 2007 = nine weeks old.
Name to be announced later.


  1. this is one hell of a drive ,still the scenes are interesting

  2. I wish my fall colored trees had turned out better, but strangely enough regardless of whether I am in the middle of the desert or nowheresville America, everything is amazing to me. I am so surprised that leaves are still on the trees at this time of year - this should not be.

    And, even though it was a long trip, it was well worth it. More on that later.