Saturday, November 24, 2007

No News Sunday - Lotus Blossomed

Last weekend The Boss Man and Vagabondblogger took a trip to Pennsylvania to fetch a little bundle of puppy joy. Puppy was adorable, and helplessly pitiful. Not named yet, as we wanted to see what her personality was like (plus we have a preference for naming our Springers after British cars,) we just called her "puppy."

Then bigger half brother, Cooper, arrived for Thanksgiving, and her personality came out like a spitfire. We were told she was "naughty," but the breeders decided to keep "the naughtiest" girl for themselves. I
hate to think of what they must be dealing with.


Westfalia Lotus!

LOTUS = Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious!

Yeah, she's a mean ass little pup.

Check out why:

Below, Lotus on the field, with bigger half brother, Cooper, begging for a treat.

Trying to keep up with Cooper, chasing sling-shot tennis balls.
They're too big for her mouth now, but later....

Again, trying to keep up.

In action.

Cooper with the ball.

Lotus chewing on Cooper's leg.
Pretty much what we all watched as we ate Thanksgiving dinner.
It's better than T.V!

You know, they're going to miss each other when the holiday is over.


(Three weeks until the next the
Doggie WWE comes to Vagabondblogger's house.
Another must see holiday!)

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