Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Fall Colors

Vagabondblogger apologizes for the late posting - for her excuse - read on.

(The two tone van was spotted on Road 9, near the carpet salesman's corner.)

Since Vagabondblogger left Cairo in late October, she was sure she would miss the fall trees, which are usually spectacular, especially on the east coast. She has met Emiratis from the U.A.E. who made yearly pilgrimages to Boston, and it's northern neighbors, just to view the changing colors of the trees. A week or so before
VB left Cairo, she saw a sign, which she did not recognize. It meant, "yes VB, you will see wonderful colors when you return to the States." The sign? An orange and cream colored Vanagon and two bugs, one yellow and one orange, that changed color in the shade.

Thankfully, weird climate changes are taking place - well, thankful for the late color, but maybe Al Gore might think it's a sign of more nefarious doings.

Now Vagabondblogger is visiting The Mistake By The Lake. VB lived here for about nine years on and off. The Boss Man said they were going somewhere special. He was able to find one of the only hotels in town that took dogs, but no wifi (among other things)! Thus, complicating VB's life. Then Lotus chewed through the phone wire (it was already hanging by a thread.) In addition, both The Boss Man and VB, drove through pouring rain, along the highway following Erie Canal route, for ten hours on Monday just to get here! Remind VB never to let The Boss Man make arrangements for travel again.

Most of the leaves have fallen and the weather is definitely taking a change towards the wetter and colder climate we usually experience. So enjoy the colors while they last, cause after that rain, most leaves have now fallen.

( Yellow bug, found in Maadi Digla.)

(Orange bug found in Maadi Digla as
Vagabondblogger was walking from Kimo Market to Miriam Market. This bug appears to be in very nice condition.)

VB will try to post some news updates later, but for now, thanks to Nevin, from LIMBO for this link on some amazing tricked out and totally reconfigured bugs: What can be done with a VW Beetle, Part 2, at Dark Roasted Blend.

Bruce Springsteen - Pay me my money down - Erie Canal

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