Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Giza Bus Stops

Two Fridays before Vagabondblogger left Cairo for the U.S., she and the Boss Man went to Giza for lunch, and bus hunting. Here's some of the more significant bus sites to visit, if you ever get to Egypt. Granted these sites are not as old as the Pyramids, but you can do both in one day! Also, please pay attention to some of the fancy rims on these buses.

Smaller bus stop, along the canal.

Large bus stop, parking, and pick-up area.

Exit area for the main bus stop. Notice freshly cooked corn, and bread available.

Further on down the exit road - nothing in sight other than buses! (Yes, that's bird-shit on the windshield.)

Since Vagabondblogger is back in the States for three months, here's a tribute to her home country.

James Brown - Living in america

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