Saturday, November 3, 2007

No News Sunday

Same tree, different seasons.

Vagabondblogger does not want to discuss what happened to this tree, at least on the neighbor's side of her house. Suffice it to say, Vagabondblogger has a beautiful view of half a tree. Someone, unbeknownst to her, slaughtered the other side.

Vagabondblogger has not discussed this with "The Association," and really doesn't care to either. Vagabondblogger can't even fart without someone complaining about it, and yet they feel they know how to trim trees. She can't bring herself to take a photo of the other side.

Vagabondblogger can only shake her head - she's speechless!

Ignore Vagabondblogger's complaint, enjoy the photos and have a wonderful Sunday!

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February 2007:

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