Sunday, June 17, 2007

Politicians, Dress Codes, and Losers

I like reading certain political blogs, which I don't list as links.
Crooks and Liars is one of my favorites and I found this little gem on their site. Marie Claire Magazine is at it again. You'd think they'd quit after the article on hijabi-style clothing and shopping for abayas in Dubai. Some people accused them of supporting the Islamofascists. Now they've exposed Mike Huckabee for the true fundamentalist conservative he is (I know, "surprise, surprise"). Apparently Mike Huckabee has a problem with mini-skirts (can you believe that - a man who does not like mini skirts?) and he has a definite opinion on how women should dress. That's cool (also annoying as hell), but as a politician, he should keep his mouth shut on that front; the same goes for Jack Straw and Tony Blair. Tim Gunn, though not a politician, can express his opinion all day long and I'll listen intently, just like I do to his podcasts. Since I'm a big supporter of free speech though, I say let these two-bit politicians throw in their two cents!

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum- Huckabee Mini-skirt Madness

I don't believe wearing a hijab should be outlawed (as in the French system) and I also don't believe it should be forced (as in Iran, Saudi Arabia). I don't think anyone has any business dictating what a woman should or should not wear (although Trinny and Susannah are experts at dissecting a woman's pathetic sense of style). I've worn a mini-skirt in my time, and I used to keep a hijab and abaya in my car when I lived in the U.A.E., "just in case" I might need it as a cover up, particularly when dealing with the police. The last thing you want, is to be in a traffic accident in your mini skirt, shorts, tennis skirt, etc. when you're just driving up the road on your way home from "the club" or a day at the beach. (I learned my lesson after that experience I had wearing an "OUZO" tee-shirt in a traffic accident.)

There are women I see and define by the way they dress, i.e. low cut jeans, ass antlers peeking out, bare midriff with showy belly ring bling, super tight tee = skanky. I don't care if the girl is a virgin, she still looks skanky. Oh and those sweats just spell out L-A-Z-Y to me! Anyone who's seriously working out / exercising does not wear sweats all day, particularly ones with a butt logo. Look, I may hang out in my P.J.'s half the day blogging (pajamahadeen?), but I don't go to lunch, out shopping or to school / work in them. And if you're a parent who hangs out in your sweats - take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Do you really think you look attractive or even desirable as a friend (or a parent)? Are you wondering why you can't get play-dates for your kids? You all look like losers! So to all the people who dress like that, keep doing it, because it just makes my life easier, gives me something to talk and harp on about and just makes me feel so much better than you! At least
I change my clothes before going out in public (and I brush my teeth).

Oh yeah, and something else I noticed about those sweat-pants ladies - they're the ones who drive around parking lots, circling, crawling up your ass, trailing you, looking for a parking spot close to the entrance. Maybe if they got some exercise, such as, actually changing their clothes, and a little walking (like from a farther parking spot) they wouldn't be so embarrassed or (again) L-A-Z-Y or do I mean, just plain S-L-O-P-P-Y? Might I add, that when you do that, you're contributing even more to the Greenhouse Gases - just thought you losers might want to know.

"First impressions are often the truest, as we find (not infrequently) to our cost, when we have been wheedled out of them by plausible professions or studied actions. A man's look is the work of years; it is stamped on his countenance by the events of his whole life, nay, more, by the hand of nature, and it is not to be got rid of easily."
William Hazlitt

I've written about hijabs and I feel equal time should be devoted to other clothing styles, as well as opinions. Thus the video about Mike Huckabee's fashion preferences. I'm interested in fashion and sometimes wonder why people dress the way they do. I, myself, can be quite judgmental about it, no? I was one of the ten finalists for The Project Runway Ultimate Fan Blog last season. I was addicted to Project Runway when I moved back to the U.S. from Baku, Azerbaijan, where the sense of fashion was, well words cannot describe - just look here on Carpetblog. You decide for yourself. See if you can come up with a description. (Is it truly S-K-A-N-K-Y? Or possibly ex-Soviet Republic s-k-a-n-k-y, as in taking it to a new low?)

Now you may ask why I, someone who is obviously a fashionista, was not picked as "The Official Fan Blogger". Well, the decision was based on how many votes you got from all the friends of your friends, persons within six degrees of separation, and the rest of the freaking world. It takes a village to elect the Project Runway Ultimate Fan blogger, don't you know. To tell the truth, I was lacking in friends - okay, I admit it! I have no friends! (Yes! I'm a loser too. Boo-Hooooo)
Here's what the e-mail said:
Subject: Project Runway Ultimate Fan Blog Contest
Good news -- you're in!
We are pleased to inform you that you are a finalist in our "Project Runway Ultimate Fan Blog" contest.
We sifted through scores of entries and would like to offer our congratulations, you're in the top 10.
Finalists will be announced later today, so you can see your submission and check out the competition here: readers will be able to vote for the winner through Monday, August 7.
Here's what we suggest: Send this to all of your friends, tell them to vote for you and then tell them to send it to all of their friends. Make it work, and then just sit back and wait. You can check the website on the morning of August 9th to find out who is auf, and who is the winner of Project Runway's Ultimate Fan Blog Contest.
Good luck!

Since I'm pretty much living overseas, in Cairo, these days, and have to watch many of my favorite shows by downloading them from iTunes, I have to find other ideas to fit my fashion appetite into my blog.

I highly recommend trying out for the Project Runway Fan Blog if they have another contest for it this season. My only advice is to write it up immediately after watching it (possibly taking notes, so you don't lose any of those snarky thoughts in your head) and forget who's who. I should have just called Jeffrey "Tattoo Guy" last year (bottom far right photo), instead of trying to remember his name. Trying to remember all the new names will just drive you batty and make you lose your concentration. Fourfour usually has excellent reviews of each episode. His are
the best! (Do I sound like I'm over-anticipating here?) I may have to get a subscription for it on iTunes, and not to let it take over my other blogging interests.

I'm having a hell of a time
not commenting on VH1's Flavor of Love's Charm School starring Mo'Nique. She's the host - no loser here. The contestants are the losers from the Flavor of Love (that's so lowdown it's scary), and it's one cat fight after another! I just love Mo'Nique's description of Brooke's (aka Pumkin's) behavior at a party as "slutacious." And that had nothing to do with the way she was dressed, since Mo'Nique picked out the dresses. I love Mo'Nique!

I guess we're all a bunch of
losers (skanks, whores and sluts - in men's eyes) regardless of what we wear,say,or do, (like I care); but Mike Huckabee and his ilk will be the major losers (personally, I think he is already) particularly if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. I hate it when a man tries to tell women how to dress. Really, is it for me or for you, honey?

I dress for myself, sweetheart.

Hey, even Ann Coulter (who's in love with Joe McCarthy) wears minis (talk about
skanky assed mega, ass backwards thinking, WTF?, losers!)

The damn fonts on this page are (I fucking swear) driving me crazy!!!!!


  1. Just to say : wearing a hijab is not outlawed in the french system. It is in state schools though. I guess this is a french contradiction as religious freedom is closely linked to freedom of speech (in my point of view) and as you know we are very attached to the second so I guess we should also be to the first. On the other hand we are also very attached to laicism, especially in schools, but it is unfair because a child wearing a christian cross would probably not be expelled.

  2. I know it's only outlawed in the schools, as are yamulkes, and large crosses. My point is "the state" has no business telling people how to dress. Now a new law was passed in Louisiana outlawing "sagging pants" - the pants worn so low, you can see the underwear. I don't think it'll stick, but once you outlaw one form of dress, then you can outlaw or enforce other modes. So in the States, it's up to each school district to determine their own dress codes and I doubt highly that would would ban ANY religious clothing, or accessories since we have Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech (of which fashion is a form of expression) - "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech...."
    Personally I don't hink anyone has a right to tell others how to dress, unless for work, school, etc a "dress code" is established and if you don't like it, you can go elsewhere. I do believe in self editing though and see A LOT of dress styles that I don't like, including sagging pants.

  3. Ann Coulter...a beauty? Only if mean bitches are considered attractive. I would say she is attractive w/o opening her mouth. Perhaps if she spoke eloquently about what she believed, I might still think she was attractive. But the crap that she spews...I'm somewhat suspect that she's got some psychiatric issues. That, or she's acting. No one is as cruel or accusing w/o reason.

    And I sorta wish they'd outlaw baggy pants, myself! I've got mixed feelings about clothing: I do think schools have a right to prohibit certain items. I'm not even thinking religious-based, but I know some schools here require students to wear belts w/ baggy jeans. You can have baggy jeans, but you must have a belt to hold them up. No belt? The school will loan you a piece of rope. As for deciding that students can't wear religious symbols...well, using the argument that if you ban one thing, what's next: if France decided to allow people to wear 'religious' items, you'd likely find many kids coming to school worshipping the thong Gods, or perhaps even the belly shirt deities. Seriously, though, within reason, why wouldn't you allow students simple symbols of faith? I do think France and the United States have very different reason for residing on their own respective sides of the fence.

  4. Hey Vagabond, been meaning to ask you: Is the restaurant Mediterraneou (rd.9 opposite Pizza Hut) closed now?

  5. Yeah, Ann Coulter, what a piece of work! That poster is aimed at nice clean cut conservatives. Is that a "come on" look or what and is she wearing lingerie? I'll stick with Mo'Nique for now.

    Sagging pants - the principal at my daughter's middle school, outside of Cleveland (and we're talking 10-11 years ago) would stand at the entrance with ropes in her hand, which she handed out to the sagging pants crowd. I saw one blog saying this should be declared a "Classic" fashion since it's gone on for so long, just like the Little Black Dress. I think not.

    Mediterraneo - as far as I know, it was still opened. I understand they got rid of the Tikka Chicken and put in a Costa Coffee (from Dubai?), which will be open any day now. I'll know more, when I get back to Cairo.

  6. Oh good! My husband thought the owners (an Egyptians and his Japanese wife) had not only gone back to Japan to open a restaurant, but the Egyptian's brother was also going to move there and marry a Japanese woman. Nice folks.

    Vag, I don't know if I knew you were from Cleveland. You're probably the 5th blogger I met who at least lived there. Whereabouts? I was born on the west (bay village) but raised mostly on the east side (bainbridge-outside of Chagrin falls).

  7. Wow, I didn't know that about the restaurant owners. I'll check with the Boss Man or do it myself when I return next week.

    We lived in Cleveland, off Shaker Square for a couple of years (late 70's) and then in Shaker Heights 80's-90's. We had a friend in college from Bay Village, and used to drive to Chagrin Falls for ice cream by the waterfalls bridge. Nice area - very nice.

  8. Small world...I think Shaker Heights is the best part of Cleveland.