Sunday, April 8, 2007

You Owe Me

If you're in Maadi and walk out of your apartment and see this:

Or this, (close up view):
It means, "You owe me," that is, you owe someone money for washing your car (not me personally.)

Now, I'm not sure how this works because our doorman (boab) washes our car every morning.

I don't know if this is someone who does this on a gentleman's agreement or some random guy who decided to wash cars and then shake you down for money later (you know skulking outside your building and then hitting you up.)

I have no clue, but I've been told that is the implied message. When you walk down a street and see a row of these, you have to think, someone's been awfully busy. The only problem is, there's no sign of water - the whole street should be wet. Look in the photo - totally dry; and close up, that car does not look that clean. (Maybe I'm just a bit too picky.) Most of the cars I've seen like this do not look like the shining vehicles we Americans are used to seeing after going through a carwash. Granted, Cairo is dirty, sand is constantly being blown about, and that may contribute to the abscence of shinyhood.

Or is this the work of a prankster?

Any explanation for this would be greatly appreciated.

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