Friday, January 1, 2010

A Funkengroovin Happy New Year To All!!

Happy New Year!

Here are the two wallpaper / screen savers for January 2010.

Below: Representing best wishes for the new year - A photo of a cabrio VB took on a trip to Germany in 1996. This is a digitized representation of an old SLR photo.

Below: Representing resolutions and good intentions - a Midget (?) or a Sprite (?) needing a good bit of work.
)VB used to get rides in a Midget with another female co-worker. VB had a job with an employment agency for a few months after graduating from college. When her Chevy Malibu broke down in the middle of winter, VB rode to work with her manager, in a tiny little car, just like this.  This co-worker would explicitly recount her previous evening's sexual endeavors in the bathroom, on the kitchen counter, or even in the MG  - (UGH!  hopefully not on VB's seat), and where ever else the mood struck.) 

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