Sunday, January 3, 2010

Egyptian Pancake House

The Egyptian Pancake is also known as fateer.  Every time we go to The Khan, we pass by the Egyptian Pancake House.  Curious, this time we decided to stop in for a bite. 

Below: Awesome Daughter gets tea.

Below: "Savory Pancake" - mixed cheese.  Very yummy.  Not quite sure what combination of cheese was used.  The pastry of both sweet and savory resembles flaky filo dough, but sturdier.  VB can't find any recipes so far, and most of her Middle East cooking books are back in the States ("How convenient", you might say.)

Below: "Sweet Pancake" - jam and powdered sugar.  Also delicious, but very sticky (we ate with our fingers.)

Below: Close up of the sliced "Sweet Pancake."

Below:  A window full of some of the ingredients they use.

Below: The store front.

Below: Another satisfied customer.

Below: The whole building.  VB keeps referring to this shop as "The Egyptian Pancake House" and if ever there was a place, this one would clearly define it, as it houses quite a few occupants as indicated by all the apartments above it.

Below: Shops across the road.  The road is mainly pedestrian, except for the ginormous tourist buses which are allowed to use it as an exit.

Below: The rest of the street, looking back at the main Khan area towards Muski.

All said, VB would definitely go back for more.

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