Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Member Of The Family

VB's currently predisposed to playing, and napping with the newest member of the family. He's an eight week old kitten that Awesome Daughter rescued. She traveled to Louisiana for a teaching job, and then went on to San Antonio to visit a friend. The kitten's mom left all the new born kittens on her friend's porch. The mom then returned and took the other kittens leaving this one behind. After mom did not return, Awesome Daughter decided to take matters into her own hands. We find out later this week if it's a boy or a girl.

He's / she's got a goatee and white hairs growing in his ears, reminding VB of Stripe from the movie Gremlins. He / she has been chewing on VB's computer, deleted a load of bookmarks with his / her teeny weeny paw, runs dancing around VB's feet trying to paw at them while she's walking, and has, as a result been stepped on twice.

He / she thinks Awesome Daughter's dog is it's mommy, and annoys the hell out of him too. VB will have to read up to find out what all these strange purrs and noises mean. They're nothing like the caterwauls from the feral cats in Cairo. One thing VB did notice that was similar - the meow meaning, "I'm hungry!"

So say "Hi" and welcome the newest member of the family.


  1. Oh, I love this cat already. I love that she matches your dog, too!

  2. He's a cute one (we think it's a he). He likes to sit in front of the window with my daughter's dog, too.