Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Funkengroovin - Egyptian Driver's License

Here's VB's ride to and from the traffic department, in Cairo, where she got her new Egyptian Driver's License. What does that entail? Basically just showing up, having a photo taken and halas (finished)!

Today will be mostly photos with short explanations. VB's computer system has been "corrupted" and she needs to wipe it clean and reload everything. Not sure how this happened, but it showed symptoms originally back in Cairo. VB suspects it might have been caused by a Firefox application she recently downloaded.

VB has an Apple MacBook, which has something called "Time Machine". Time Machine backs up everything on your computer daily, hourly, however you wish. This might take awhile, and VB will return ASAP to finish the series on her visit to The Glass Factory and Mokkatam.

Enjoy the trip through Cairo. (The photos look very hazy. It was one of those dirty, windy, sand blowing days in Cairo.)

(Below): Another view of a newfangled (T5?) VW Ambulance.

(Below): Somehow we always end up behind a green Beetle.

(Below): A blue Caravelle in traffic.

(Below): Close up of a driver of another blue Van.

(Below): The van he's driving.

(Below): He turns off, after we pass him.

(Below): A sunwashed yellow Beetle.

(Below): On the way home, VB's driver asks if we can go through The City of the Dead as a shortcut. VB loves the place and readily agrees. Here's the butcher and his driver. He has just finished butchering his meat. It is fresh, inside the large green container, and he's on his way to deliver it.

(Below): A horse pulled cart, sitting on the side of the road.

(Below): As usual, cut off again by a donkey led cart.

(Below): Behind an onion and garlic cart driven by two young men.

(Below): A white Beetle in oncoming traffic.

(Below): Another donkey led cart, carrying gas cannisters.


Wheels: Beach Boys Didn’t Have a Deuce Coupe or a 409
"But before the gig, Mr. Wilson told AutoWeek that neither he nor his brothers were interested in drag racing.

“No, we never did, never went to the races,” Mr. Wilson said.

He added that there was no particular 409 or little deuce coupe. “I didn’t know much about cars, anyway,” he said.

The real hot-rod hero was Roger Christian, Mr. Wilson said. Mr. Christian, a Los Angeles radio D.J. and record producer, wrote many of the lyrics to the Beach Boys songs. He was known as the “Poet of the Strip.”

And you may have guessed, Mr. Christian also co-wrote “Little Old Lady From Pasadena,” “Dead Man’s Curve” and “Drag City” for Jan and Dean."

Fastball - The Way

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