Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funkengroovin - City of the Dead

Anyone who reads this blog, knows that VB doesn't go anywhere without taking road pictures, or as many photos of VWs as possible. VB has been playing with her new iPhoto '09, and hopes the photos look a bit more real. Getting all involved in a new program, whether it be photo, or what not, is like being hypnotized. It really mesmerizes you, and takes over your life (eyes be damned!)

It's difficult to take photos in a car to begin with, and much more so in a moving vehicle, especially when the object is also in motion. The windows either have glare or block out UV rays, making the photos appear to be drenched in colorlessness, i.e. they look pretty washed out. VB has tried to boost the color, among other things, but hopes she's getting a bit better. Not sure. She would prefer not to tamper with the photos at all, believing they should be produced with minimal, if any, doctoring. Suffice to say, VB has fallen for the allure. Being intimidated by all the fancy colors, and whatchamacallits by people with Photoshop (on flickr) VB has just fallen under the spell. When it comes down to it, unless it can't be done, VB would prefer to still have a natural look to her photos. Feel free to express your opinion.

Here's what we saw to and from The City of the Dead.

(Below): Where the hell are we?

(Below): Bus taxis

(Below): Bus taxi at a bus stop. Check out those wheels!

(Below): White Beetle

Below: Number One Son's photo of the herd that blocked our path. This shepherd said we could not pass into The City of the Dead from this road, as he could not get his sheep to move. He also said we could not take pictures of his animals. Too late!

(Below): On the way back home. Yes, and he has a smile on his face. All VW Beetle owners have this smile. It's almost like being high, without drugs. You know that if you die in this car, it will be one damn happy trip!

(Below): An old SLR photo that we had digitized. VB was going through some of the old SLR pics and found this odd photo of our Beetle. She tweaked it with iPhoto '09.

VB is working to get some news tidbits together for everyone. Later with that - certainly a separate post.

I Put A Spell On You - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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