Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Funkengroovin Wednesday - A Downtown Tour

Number One Son has been to Egypt three times, but has never been to the downtown area (well, neither has VB for that matter). When VB said, we can take the Metro, he scoffed and said, "Why take the Metro, when you can get a driver?" True. Especially since he didn't really want to spend time, "walking the city". He just wanted to see the sites, and lay of the land, so-to-speak. We saw where Felfela, a very famous restaurant is, how to get from the Metro to the Museum, and where the drivers park, when they wait for us Americans doing our personal business at the embassy. All sorts of tidbits were revealed.

The day started out with a tennis lesson for Number One Son at the
Maadi Club. This is not to be confused with the Maadi Ace Club, which is just a drinking hole, but also the place where VB found her maid.

Below: A beautiful shower of bougainvillea near the croquet court (VB has it in her mind to learn this game.) BTW, VB loves the Maadi Club! And yes, she has been to the Katameya Club, which is nice if you play golf.

We spot a silver Beetle on the way home from the club. We walked there and back, and sort of got lost. (It's all those damn traffic circles!)

We are picked up by the driver around 11:00 AM for a ride through the downtown area. Here we pass a neat colored two-toned Beetle.

As we ride through the streets of Cairo, we meet quite a few VWs and other Egyptian oddities.

Ahh, a VW Bus peeking up above a sea of cars in a parking lot.

A freaking neon blue Beetle. VB could not catch it without the window dividers. It was either behind us, or as here, just stopped for a moment. Grrrr.

As usual the Nile Corniche provides plenty of photo ops. Here a family of four hang on for dear life, on a motorcycle.

A white Beetle in opposing traffic.

A brilliant green single cab.

And a lovely, bright pink Beetle.

A silver VW Vanagon. We don't get to see these enough.

A gold Beetle.

As we enter our area of Maadi, students are gathered around an flower shop, whereby a white Beetle sits.

Next: The Tombs of Mohammad Ali's Family

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  1. Hey... the pics of the beetle's are such a delight!! Couldn't help noticing the rear of a typically Cairo taxi.... the black Peugeot models. Remember sitting in once of those on one of my trips trip to Egypt and almost died! The door almost fell off during the drive!!